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For the food portion of our holiday program...

Dsc09366The main dish was Short Ribs with Root Vegetables, found in a recent Living magazine.  Over the years, we've had Standing Rib Roasts, Crown Roasts, Beef Wellingtons, Roasted Turkeys, Roasted Cornish Hens, Glazed Hams with Pineapple Rings and stuck with cloves... some of these things more than once... it was time for something new and non-traditional to go alongside the must-have Corn Pudding and Dream Whip Fruit Salad -- two items that are on the menu no matter what we have.  Yorkshire Pudding has come and gone; Smashed Potatoes, been there, done that; Candied Sweet Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli or Asparagus or Beans (all with or without sauce) -- we've had 'em all.  If we changed it up and had Macaroni and Cheese for Christmas dinner, you can bet that we'd still have Corn Pudding and Fruit Salad on the side.

As promised, my husband made pumpkin and apple pies, and I made my new favorite (and couldn't be easier unless I did nothing at all) Aunt Mabel's Cranberry Pie Cake, plus I brought fudge.

My sister brings the cookies every year -- she has for years and years and still, a week out, Mom always asks me if I think Karen will be bringing any cookies.  Like, should she hurry up and bake some, just in case or otherwise (or should I), and can I somehow find out if Karen's planning to bring some, but without any pressure and not to act as if she's expecting them because Karen is so busy and has so much to do... but is she?

Dsc09369 Dsc09367 Dsc09370

Dsc09371 Dsc09374 Dsc09373

She brought 'em, and also two types of biscotti.  One very large box didn't hold it all, she needed a couple of small extra boxes.  There was another assortment just like it for her mother-in-law.  Every crumb homemade and delicious.  I just realized that there were no Spritz!  The Double Chocolate Crinkles are everyone's favorite, the Macaroons were new this year, Ali likes the cookie and leaves behind the kiss, the chocolate drizzle was Karen's own touch to the also new this year "Maxine's Cookies," and doesn't she do a nice job decorating the cut-outs (and you should see how thinly she rolls those out, too). She spoils us, doesn't she?

This is a spur-of-the-moment thought, but I think I shall add a new feature this year on the sidebar having to do with food and recipes.  Yeah, I think I could make that work...



Yum! Would you share (or direct me to) the corn pudding recipe? I love that every family has their own food traditions.


It all sounds delicious! Now I'm starving.


I gained 5 lb. just looking at those incredible cookies! Love the idea of the food and recipes on the side bar. Go for it, Vicki!


I have been craving sugar cookies with icing. Man I could go for some of those....

God I'm so fat.


I'm hungry! Pass the cookies. To start!
Thanks for sharing your holiday meal with us. I am wishing you a wonderous holidays. Late, sure. But technically early for the New Year's part!
xoxoxoxo dear Vicki!


We always have corn pudding for one of the winter holiday meals. I love to make it and it's so easy. Holiday meals are one of the things that bring families together. Nice looking cookies -- what a long time it takes to make all of them.

Happy New Year!


I think I just gained a pound by LOOKING at those pictures!


Food is always a GOOD IDEA!
Yummy assortment you had there.
Our cookies are almost gone and we're feeling withdrawl syptoms. Maybe a quick batch of chocolate shortbread would fix it....


Thank you for the sidebar idea! I don't know why, but suddenly, I'm starving!


Corn pudding? Mmmm, sounds good and interesting. Is it like creamed corn, but not? I think one of your first recipes on the sidebar should be for corn pudding. :-) The cookies look yummy!


Ohhhh, Vicki.........today I found out that my fat cousin now wears a size 0 and is entering a body-building contest in the spring. So our roles have reversed. I'm now the fat cousin! So I came home determined to detox and diet. And now you put up these menus and photos! meanie. :D


Mmmm- cookies! I ate more than my share at my mom's house. And I have plans on making some when I get back to my kitchen- including the peanut butter kisses. Yummy!



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