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I'll Have a Knittin' New Year's Eve

Dsc09479My brain is mush.  It all started this morning...

I was knocked off-kilter when, after my shower, with head and body wrapped up in towels and then my robe (we have no snow and it's been "warm for this time of year," but trust me, it's still COLD in the morning), I went upstairs to clip my nails.  I looked at the clock when I was finished, and it was 6:30.  SHIT!  That's when I'm supposed to be in my car, at the very least, and preferably already backed out of the garage and driving down the street!  I was still wrapped in terrycloth from head-to-toe, no make-up and on clothes, and I hadn't even brushed my teeth!  What in the world was I doing?  Did I pass out or something??  So yeah, no, I didn't pass out -- mad dash to do all that stuff and get out the door.  Hubby barely got a peck; it sure wasn't a kiss.  I wasn't technically late for work, but much later than I like.  The adrenaline hit never really went away -- I felt rushed all day, even though there wasn't really anything pressing, and it's been difficult to concentrate.  I've written lots of notes to myself, jotted down ideas for the blog, for the new year, for projects, stuff to talk to people about.  You should see all the slips of paper I stuffed into my bag throughout the course of the day!

Tonight, though, I downloaded the 6th lesson for my online writing course, and spent some time catching up.  I have now completed Lesson 3.  I knew when I signed up that it would be a bad time of year to start such a thing, but I just couldn't wait any longer and, to be honest, I've stuck with it more than my history with such things/situations would lead anyone to believe.  I'm proud of myself for that.  I am somehow driven and I'm not sure who or what's at the wheel.  And the best thing is that it seems to be working!  I actually have some ideas that I'm excited about exploring -- ideas that have been little clouds floating in, through, and around my head for years, but have only now been caught and put into concrete words on paper on the internet -- and even some brand new ideas; they're real.

It's not the mirrors.

THIS IS IMPORTANT:  Okay, here's what's on one of my notes:  "Red Dog, Jan. 4th, SLEEP" and "Susie, Violet."  Translated, that means that Kristi at Red Dog Knits is looking for a Baby Whisperer and having a blogiversary contest, the deadline is January 4th.  Susie, oh that Susie has a heart as big as all Michigan, I swear.  Susie is auctioning some of her own, amazing yarn, including a couple of rare Rainbow Harlot Peacock hanks to assist the Violet portion of Lime & Violet with some medical bills -- bid if you can or check the other resources, but HURRY, because bidding ends at midnight tonight.  (Sorry so late on the take-up with that one.)

And here are just a few more things that have crossed my mind today:

  • I spent some time cleaning up the blog and Bloglines, moving things around, deleting things, adding things (trying an Amazon thing, and even aStore with stuff that I like and you might, too -- we'll see how that goes).
  • I wonder about how to do the food/recipe idea.  I'd like to have pictures.
  • I wonder where I'm going with this blog.
  • I will miss the ABC-Along.  Maybe I can channel my ABC energy into the food/recipe thing.
  • I want a new banner.  I'd like a new look altogether, but I really like my colors.
  • I'd really like to start something big -- a cardigan, cables.  Oh, I have something big -- a cardigan, some cables (Coup d'Etat) -- ready for seaming.
  • Do I really want to do a "Knit Like A Latvian" KAL, or should I just sign up with Stranded?  I'm already a member of Warm Hands, and they both share my KAL philosophy -- exactly.  But I think maybe I can do those and Knit Like A Latvian; it might be a nice, intimate group.
  • When am I going to take the tree down?
  • 122906_0637To send out the old year and bring in the new this weekend, I'll be doing a little of what Duncan is doing (see above), though not under the tree.  I'll also be Hand-knitting with Meg Swansen, right in my own living room.  These were borrowed from the library (have I mentioned lately how much I love the library -- particularly, inter-library loan?).  I'm going to find something around here with which to knit that Dubbelmossa hat -- or something I can call a swatch -- and learn-by-doing.  I'm hoping, with the aid of videotape and the remote, that I'll gain just that little bit more confidence -- or maybe I'm just circling those Latvian Mittens yet one more time?  A little extra knowledge never hurt anyone.  ; )

    Happy New Year, all.  Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend.  I'll see you next year.



    Whoa! That's a lot going on! Have a fantastic new year, Vicki! I'm so glad I got to spend some time with you in the last one. Definitely a highlight. LOVE YOU! C


    Is there a place your fans can read your other, non-knitblog writings?


    At least it sounds like you remembered to keep breathing!

    As far as sleeping under the tree goes, there must be something to it, our kitties have been camped out under there for a week!


    Happy New Year!


    Knit Like a Latvian? What's that?
    And I'm so happy to hear that you love the public library. That just makes my day!


    Vicki, dear, have I even stopped by to wish Merry Christmas wishes yet? My head seems to be a bit lost lately. I've had the whole week off from work and I feel dreadfully behind. Like I still have my robe and hair towel on while the rest of the world resumes it's rush.
    I have just started a pair of anemone mittens, thinking of you the whole time. I love them. LOVE. Then again, what mitten did I NOT love??
    love your list making. Perhaps that is what I need.
    So, now, EARLY, I wish you a Happy New Year! May only happiness find it's way into your home in 2007!


    What a great read. I'm smiling through the whole thing. It's you to a T. Your goals sound fun and interesting. It was a grand year and meeting you (and the other two weirdos who hang with you) was truly the highlight. I'm looking forward to where you're going with the blog, too. It will be worth the trip;-)
    Happy, Happy New Year!


    Wow you are ambitious;) Me, not so much but I will enjoy the ride with you as I have this year!

    Have a wonderful new year!

    ...and just so it's all out in the open we will have the exact same y and z, I guess great minds think alike;)


    Hey! You got a cat for Christmas too! Seems like you're just turning up the volume in life and you're doing an amazing and inspiring job of it too! I definitely need some Meg Swansen in my home library, but that will be a short time in the future. A very Happy New Year to you and yours!


    I, too, love the public library and inter-library loan. That's how I got my copy of St. Brigid! Which leads to a question: you said you used Cascade 220. Did it "soften" up once you knit the sweater? My only experience with it is for felting. I tried it for "Labyrinth's End" by Kristin Nicholas (a fabulous pattern you must make) and ripped it out and used a different yarn after the first 5 inches because it just felt too stiff. Now my brother wants me to make him the men's version of Labyrinth and 220 would be a great choice for him but I want to make sure it will ease up a little for him. And I know what you mean about the weather in WI...I was just there for Christmas and the mornings were sure chilly! Still not bad for this time of year though...I live in Denver and there is approximately 5 feet of snow in my backyard!


    i hate it when i wind up in a time warp!

    Mary in Boston

    Happy New Year, Vicki, to you and your family! Sounds like you have many wonderful plans for 2007.

    Thanks for the kitty picture. He's sooo cute. I've missed seeing him on your blog. Duncan is who first caught my eye, when I started reading your blog, and I'm so glad he did. I've enjoyed reading about your projects and your family and your thoughts this past year. Thank you for sharing!


    Happy New Year, Vicki! Best wishes for a peaceful 2007. Thanks for thinking out loud - always interesting, always thought-provoking.


    I'll add my wishes to you for a Happy New Year filled with good health and fun adventures!


    Hi Vicki,

    I've just discovered the ILL...I've been requesting all the Alice Starmore I can find....

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