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The lure of the lizard

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Last weekend, I washed the Peace Fleece Coup d'Etat Cardigan and pinned it out on my plastic-covered, accordion-fold, cardboard blocking board -- which is where it remains.  I walk by several times a day and think that I should get to it -- I'm sure it's dry by now.  There is a problem with one of the fronts.  It's a problem that I have only just barely acknowledged and have spent a mere minute agonizing over -- all I know is that it will have to be re-done, I do not really care to dwell on what went wrong or where (there's plenty of time for that).  I will un-do the lovely three-needle bind-off at the shoulder, rip to the start of yoke pattern or sleeve decreases or neck decreases (to be determined), and pick it up from there.  That's my weekend project.

While I've ignored the Coup all week, I've succumbed to the lure of the lizard.  I'd picked up a ball of Kureyon in Chicago so I could give Lizard Ridge a try -- and I'm now on ball number three.  It's easy knitting, fascinating to watch the short-rows do their thing and to see the colors play.  I think the remainders of the three balls can be used to make a fourth square and then I think I shall stop.  I may make a pillow, or a number of pillows, or something for the shoulders, or a small blanket -- perhaps with deep borders of black in a stained-glass type of arrangement.  'Twould make a nice, small blanket for a lap, or maybe a stroller.

TaylorOur amazingly warm weather continues, and northwest is still getting hammered -- WOW, a 97 mph wind gust at Rockaway Beach!  DH and I took a walk on the beach at Rockaway on our first date, when there just happened to be a very romantic, low-low-tide-with-full-moon.  I was not so romantically wearing boots with heels which made walking on even hard-packed sand difficult, but that just adds a bit of wry to the memory.  If my weather is a good indicator of yours, Elizabeth, I predict that the chance of a White Christmas is quite slim.  To help in the holiday spirit department, I used a small gift to add James Taylor at Christmas to my holiday music rotation last night, and I am quite pleased.



Slim to none. Global warming, I tell ya. A little flurry on the day would be nice, though.
I'm itching to try that Lizard Ridge. I'd like to go for the full blanket..some day.


I downloaded the James Taylor album from Itunes a couple of weeks ago and I'm really pleased with it.
Happy Weekend!


No better way to get you in the mood for Christmas than with JT. Someone just sent me the cd last week, and it's so so so James. Love the Lizard.


Yep, got that one too. At the same time I got the new Sarah MacLachlan.

I keep wanting to try Lizard Ridge. How long did one square take to knit?


WOW - that lizard ridge is so cool (well I guess it is actually warm) - go for the lap blanket!


My mom is knitting LR. I really like hers. Yours looks pretty good too.


Love the JT Christmas CD. We gave it to Jon for his birthday and have been listening to it since Thanksgiving!


Hmmm. I may have to buy me that JT CD. Funny how much better he looks with a hat on :-)

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