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Unfortunately, even by the end of the day the tree wasn't much more improved than in this earlier-in-the-day photo, except that I did put the tippy-top of the tree in place... after ripping all the friggin' lights off of it because half of them weren't working.  Yes, I know all about pre-lit Christmas trees.  Let me tell ya... if you think my tree looks pathetic, you should have seen my mom's yesterday.  It is a pre-lit tree that she's used for enough years that much of it now needs to be re-lit.  She's threatening to use the table-top tree instead, or even the feather tree!

Dsc09175_2Ho ho ho.  We listened to Christmas music, but I sure wish someone could find our Hanson Snowed In CD -- if that doesn't get me a little pumped about the Christmas hullaballoo, nothing will.

Quite a many several years ago, I came home to find the oval window on our front door positively aglow with lights.  I'm not sure from whence the inspiration came, but DH had made this thing resembling a fish skeleton out of lumber scraps and wire, cleverly fashioning loops so it could be secured to the door both top and bottom, stapled 200 lights to it employing the willy-nilly method, and called it done.  This year, it was time to replace the lights and we used cute little clear button lights purchased on clearance last year (or maybe even the year before).  He was a little more orderly with the new arrangement, thinking stars and space, galaxies and orbits.

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I had Breakfast With the Boys on my way to work this morning and those boys made me cry!  It's only by chance that I catch the show on Thursday mornings, and I've enjoyed it every single time.  I'm really going to have to make a note -- Mark Tauscher is hilarious.  It was co-host John Maino who brought the tears this morning, though.  He was on the phone from Washington where he was to deliver gifts to wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center this afternoon.  There are plenty of Packer items in that Santa sack, of course, including 100 jerseys signed by Brett Favre earlier this week.  Maino was embedded with local troops in Iraq for a week last summer and this morning he talked about what the Packers mean to our local troops -- it's something to think about, talk about, concentrate on, fight for...

It just made me think, you know.  I'm not going to complain about my Christmas tree lights any more.  I'm going to hope that the Packers win at least one more game before Christmas -- for the troops -- but even if they don't, I don't know, just play and do their best.  Pray that our guys will come home soon.  Lots of stuff like that...



Hanson!? You're starting to really scare me.


Just so it isn't Manlyo, Cara.

The lights on your tree and window look great. The window must look fabulous from the street. We all need to pray the boys and grrls in Iraq come home soon! Lovely post, Vicki.


I love the lights for the door! And the "boys over there" include Blogless Sharon's son. Did you know that? She worries. A lot.


I love the oval lighted window. Wish I had an oval window!


I love the tree...................and the lights in the door. Very festive!!!!


how do you plug in the lights on the door? or are they battery operated.

now I have to hurry off and call Cara to tell her that in NO WAY should you have any say in our Rhinebeck music selections. Hanson. ha!


Brett Favre always looks like an eager little boy to me. I want him to win every game he ever plays, even more so now that you've written how much his team means to our soldiers.


So many lights on your tree! It looks fantastic. I pine for an oval window, the joy of old houses.


Love the lights on the door and how the whole tree is lighted!

Holly Burnham

What a fantastic idea!!!!! Now...where is my husband? I have to show him this.

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