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121206_2150My sister just called to tell me that my nephew Mack is really looking forward to my visit today.  When he got up, she told him that I was coming, and so all morning it was "Vickivickivickivickivicki..."  I expect, no matter when I arrive or who I see first, that I shall be greeted by name!

I drove by an over-the-top, but well-done* Christmas display last night and, apologies for the bad camera phone photo, but given my location, who do you suppose that is at the end of the tunnel?  I know, you can't even see him.  Hint:  he's carrying a football.  ; )

*The scale was pretty good, everything was in good shape, there was apparent planning and design, nothing was toppled over.  No matter how much or how little there is on display, the very worst thing is when it's toppled over... and no one bothers to put it right... for days and days and days... and days... like, let's say, the house on the corner of my very own street, let's say.  Arrggh!!!



That's funny!!


Hmmm. Let me see. Football, in Wisconsin... I know, Fran Tarkenton!

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