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Dsc09179Today's Saturday Sky comes to you from the comfort and warmth of my computer room -- this is a shot out the window (and up a little) to my right.  There's an actual warming trend going on here this weekend -- temps in the mid- to high-30s, they say -- but I'm still chilled to the bone from last week's cold and wind, plus I'm still wearing my nightgown.

Beth and I have been writing back and forth a little bit about mittens.

***NEWS FLASH***  Oh my goodness, no wonder I like her...  Not only does she have a team in the Crafters Fantasy Football League, but just look at what her favorite Christmas album is -- The Carpenters!  ***/end flash***

So, anyway, back to mittens.  In one of those thirty posts of November for NaBloPoMo, I wrote about how I'm always thinking about the mittens and a bunch of you wrote about how you think about them, too. Beth wrote last week and wondered if I was still thinking of doing stranded mittens in the new year; have I seen Eunny's new pattern; have I seen the new patterns on Knitty?  And I most certainly am; I hadn't, but now I have (also purchased/printed); Corazon are wonderful, and the Latvian-inspired Tiffany made my heart flutter.  I heard from more than a dozen people who might be interested in a friendly, low-pressure KAL and I've been thinking about the ways I can keep it low-pressure, but fun and exciting, too, maybe even with a surprise.  I'm all about keeping it low-key and fun.  Currently, though, I'm stuck on the really fun name and for some reason, "Walk Like A Latvian" popped into my head -- you know, like the Egyptians... only Latvian... even though Latvians walk just like the rest of us.  Maybe walking like Egyptians with Latvian mittens?  I know, it's sick.  I could have drunk-bloggged this last night (well, only slightly inebriated, really) and then perhaps been forgiven, but the truth is it's been in my head for DAYS.  I'm sorry, but perhaps if I disburse the pain even wider it will eventually subside altogether -- because I already scarred Beth with it and it didn't help me one single bit.  Maybe if y'all feel my pain...  It's not even limited to Latvians...

In the meantime, Eunny wrote a great post with tips for 2-color knitting here.

Nanette Blanchard has some wonderful booklets and patterns available, including Stranded Knitting.  Nanette also has links in her sidebar to her free patterns, and also to some of her helpful tips knitting posts (many of them having to do with color knitting, of course!).

There's Latvian Mittens, of course, Latvian Dreams, Folks Mittens, Favorite Mittens...  Schoolhouse Press has a lot of resources, including the Satakieli yarn recommended for Latvian mittens.

More to come... the new year is a few weeks off yet.  ; )



There are also these kits:
My finger is twitching over that "order" button.

And the fact that I checked out the Hanson album is All. Your. Fault.


No, no, no. Not Walk Like a Latvian. It should be Clap Like a Latvian. Sheesh. Do I have to do everything around here? ;-)


I knit a pair of mittens this week, plain brown in a chunky yarn. I'm thinking they'd look neat with a snowflake embroidered on them but I haven't figured out yet how to do that.


Good thing I know people who live up north-or I'd never get to try mittens.


You almost have me signing up with that title (or the suggested variation Clap Like A Latvian)... but I've got way too many projects on the go as it is. ;)


Oh darn you - I can't get it out of my head now, either! I'm loving the two-color (or more) stranded mittens now. I'm in the middle of a pair for my mom's giftmas present, and Eunny's pattern is on the list for MY new mittens, soon I hope. Stranded knitting - it's better than crack!


DAMMIT Vicki! I have been thinking about colorwork mittens for 2 weeks and I was ALMOST convinced that I didn't have time to knit and design some, but then NOOO! You have to post this with all these luscious links and now I have to buy a copy of Latvian Mittens. *curses* I've got 4 large lace patterns to produce by the end of April and now I've got mittens running through my mind.

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