Wisconsin is...

Y is for...


Yard.  The picture above was taken from high atop the other end of the back porch roof on the day of the "N" photo shoot.

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Most of our yard is planted with things other than grass, and a lot of the rest is wooded ravine which we've never been inclined to change.  It takes about ten minutes to mow with a push mower and that's the way we like it.  It takes longer to get the mower to the grass than it does to actually mow the grass.  Hm, perhaps we could plant something else in some of those places...

When the kids were little, there was a large patch of grass on the east side of the house -- the back yard -- where they played and where we installed various sandboxes over the years, combination picnic/play tables and lawn chairs of all sizes, plank-and-sawhorse "balance beams."  The biggest back yard attraction for the kids -- all the neighbor kids as well as my own -- was the playhouse that DH built at his earliest opportunity, which wasn't until after he re-built the stone retaining wall that he had toppled over early that first spring (it took 'til November and just don't ask).

When the kids outgrew the play tables, we built a garage, then a deck (and then a pergola over the deck) on their back yard.  There have been a lot of changes to our yard over the years, always striving for improvement and better use as we all change and grow.



Most excellent Y! I'd love to see your yard in person some day.


I do love to see a GREEN shot of the yard - Good thinking Ahead! Looks very bountiful and summery!


What a lovely yard!


Lovely Y - nice to see green...


So nice to see green again! I'm getting mighty sick of brown. Would love to see white....

I'm dying to know if you weed all those beds, or if you're like me & you mulch the heck out of them and wish it all good luck.


Your back yard is fabulous! Lawn is highly overrated and your controlled chaos looks heavenly.


I love your backyard and all its lovely greenery.

Bookish Wendy

It's so fun to see all of that green in the midst of our dreary rainy day here!


How pretty!!!!


Stunningly gorgeous. Wow.


Your yard looks so inviting! (Well, except for the allergy thing, but that doesn't count!) So lovely.


stunning pic. so beautiful.


Wow, what a fabulous garden! I imagine it is a perfect inspiration for watercolor painting! It was so nice to visit with you yesterday! Come down sometime for late night knitting at the Sow's Ear!!


Man you stole my "Y"!!! My husband insisted that I do yard for y after all his work on it the past year.

Oh well since I haven't even put up V or W I'm sure everyone will have forgotten your Y by the time I get there;)

Diane E.

Ahhh, green and growing botanicals. I think my CT grass is growing again with these mild 5o temps.


Beautiful yard! I love this style of gardening.


I LOVE your yard. And grass is definitely the devil's plant. Did you know that Kentucky bluegrass is considered a weed in some botanical circles? An instructor I had for a community ed class on native plants recommended that if there are parts of one's yard that one visits only to mow them, one should give them back to nature. Good idea. I think the one of the reasons huge mowed areas are popular is because it's fun to drive little tractors /riding mowers. But to me, there's nothing quite as homey and quaint and summery as the sound of a push mower.

Did I mention I love your yard?

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