First FOO7 and pointing fingers
White weekend*

Up for air

Ufochallenge_1 Doin' my part to stay on Kat's list:

Dsc09585 Dsc09586

Dsc09589_1The grindstone isn't grinding 24/7... I am doing other things.  A mitten, started last year with Mack in mind, ripped and returned to the skein, DPNs and book put away.  The very tiny beginning of a Latvian mitten, marinating for over a year on an odd combo of birch and metal needles, also returned to the skein.  Only three of the five Brittany DPNs used to start this mitten survived and they're almost too small to even keep... but they're in my workbox... you know, for when I start that microscopic cable project that needs three size 1US cable needles.  (?)  Yeah.

This is a very small beginning to a big UFO problem -- bigger than I even realized.  Things will only get better from here... I can't get them off my mind... they're everywhere!



I think that's the key - keep those WIPs out where you can see them.


Just don't let them abduct you!


It's good the weekend's coming, because I have yet to pick the UFO for this month. I know what I want to do, but can I honestly take the time to bring one of these stalled projects back into my knitting rotation? Tune on Sunday. By then, I'll know.


Just so you know, if you like the Brittany DPNs, you can email the company to get free replacements for the ones you've broken...They actually sent me three when I had only broken one, so it'll be a while before I need to send for more replacements :-)


Do you need an intervention?:) This UFO resurrection has got my creative juices flowing, and maybe there will be some decluttering out of it as well. Great reds!


I did just what you are doing right before Thanksgiving. I had lost the patterns on a two WIPs and couldn't even remember what they were intended to be! Those hugh zipper storage bags are great for yarn. I sorted my stash and filled 7 bags! Yowsa! I also put copies of patterns along with the intended yarn in individual zipper bags along with an index card with any notes I want to remember about that project, so each project has it's own bag with everything inside.


There's a good start! UFOs, seek and ye shall find.


the knitter's equivalent of spring cleaning! keep up the good work Vicki!

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