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Providing value (a little rant with knitting at the end)


Dsc09543...but Fetching.  Well, it's a partial pair of... this must be a Fetching-ette -- I see now, in morning light, where I misread the directions, and why I have only two cable crossings at the cuff rather than three.  I just couldn't see what I was missing last night and thought that perhaps I was reading right through something about a variation...  My cast-off edge is quite loose, also, and with the clarity of the new day, I think this shall be frogged entirely.  Love is all I can say about it, though.  I'm using the same yarn that Carole used for hers (it's where I got the idea!) -- Classic Elite Wings.  It's stash yarn, one of three mis-mmatched skeins (though I can only locate two at the moment) that bought on a whim for a specific project and, well, I don't know what I was thinking.  This is a much better use.

Dsc09542I needed a break from all the garter stitching on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Rib Warmer, though the shaping helps to keep the knitting from being too tedious.  I'm also using stash yarn for this, some Filatura di Crosa Nikerboker from ages ago.  There's a little bit of alpaca in the mix, and it develops a very soft, fuzzy glow.  I have plenty of this in gold, and also some blue, and think I'm going to use the rest of it all up to make a little sweater for Mack.  There was a cute pattern in Yarn Play that might work.

The current plan is to finish the Rib Warmer (knit the other half) and Coup d'Etat (button band, collar, seaming), a pair of Fetchings (quick, soft, warm... quite fetching), and re-work the bottom of Williamsro, and then I'll be ready for Latvian Mittens.  I am thinking of January 31st for a starting date.

Ali is moving back to the dorm at school today -- classes start again soon.  Last week, she and two friends paid a deposit on a house to rent for next fall; she'll be moving in with another friend over the summer.  I'm not sure she'll ever live at home again.  It's kind of weird.

On Saturday, Katie's heading to Madison with one of her friends to look for a place to live in fall, too.  She has applied to Madison and, considering they've accepted her a couple of times before, I see no reason why she won't be accepted again.  She needs to "get on with it," as she says.  She may never live here again, either.  It's also kind of weird.

It's all part of everything and the way it goes, and I'm fine, but there will be some adjusting.  I think it'll be a big adjustment for Maddy, too.  She and Ali have become so close -- amazing, really, when I think on all those years when Ali just barely even tolerated Maddy's existence.  That's the way it is, though, an ebb and flow in all relationships.  Maybe Maddy and I will find more a flow to our relationship.  I hope so.

There's a new photo album in the sidebar.  Currently showing only one photo of one little thing, it will grow during the year and by the end, there should be 100 photos of 100 Little Things.  I've been wanting to do 100 of something, and something with photography, and there are so many little things around here...  I think it can work!



The thought of my kids moving away someday just seems unreal. But it will happen I know. What ever would we do without knitting and blogging? I think I'll be the knitter on earth to do fetching and not for lack of want either.


The fetching mitt is wonderful - don't you love how soft that yarn is?


I can't get my head around the kids not being around! I like your 100 Little Things Idea. There are many Little Things that make up a life.


i remember moving out of my parents house, it is just as weird for the kid as it is the parent... now i like staying there as much as i can! i love your fetchings... i have some stash yarn and might whip up a pair with your inspiration... how quick!


Your ribwarmer is wonderful. I think I'll start one as my next project. Thanks for the inspiration. As for housing for Katie, my daughter is looking to sublet, although the lease expires in August. The apartment is 2 bedroom (upstairs) and in a FABULOUS location--Monroe street. The bus stop is just acrosss the street. There are only four units in the building. Quiet for serious students. AND, there is a full basement for big art projects. Rent is $820 per month, plus heat and utilities. Fabulous location and apartment for the student who is not still a party-hearty teenager.


Sorry to think about the girls never living at home again, BUT, think of all the extra yarn-hiding places you'll gain.............


I like the fetching-ette. It really is such a great pattern and quite a quick knit.

It was hard for me to move away from my dad's, but it's so nice to go back home and visit. I think your girls will appreciate their time at "home" more after they get their own places.


I love the 100 Little Things! I'll be watching it closely. The Fetching mitts are very cool. They are the knit of the year, eh? Your life will be evolving over the next couple of years. You've given them wings and now you need to let them go. It might be time to think of yourself a little more.


Your 100 Little Things will be fabulous - you're such a collector of fascinating objects. I'm really looking forward to the next 99.


My oldest daughter is 13 and already quite independent -- she keeps giving me the countdown to when she drives, when she graduates, what she wants to go to college for, etc. Sigh ... but it's also enjoyable to watch them blossom and grow, so it's all good. I've been wanting to try Fetching, so maybe soon! Madison's great (or this is what I tell myself since I work in downtown Madison) :)


When they leave of their own accord you have done your job well. Take heart in the fact that you have raised them to the best of your ability and they are ready to leave the nest. New adventures all around!


I ended up frogging my first Fetching too. The second time is the charm. It's a great color.


Your fetching is a great colour, there is a little bit of me looking forward to my boys leaving home (that makes me a bad mother doesn't it), its strange to watch the way that each of their relationships change depending on who is not around.
Can't wait to see your 100 little things.


Hey, Carole got the idea to use the Wings yarn from me. ;)

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