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First FOO7 and pointing fingers

Dsc09581I made a new photo album this morning and posted my first FO for the year -- Fetching.  I ought to have one or two more by the end of the month, but really no idea which will come first -- the Rib Warmer or Coup d'Etat.

I finished Coup's left side button band with a half-hour of the 4-hour premier of "24" to spare on Monday night -- and there was no way I'd be able to keep up with Jack Bauer while also figuring out buttonhole placement.  Jack won the battle for my attention, of course, so I worked on the Rib Warmer for the rest of the evening -- garter stitch goes much better with Jack.  I'm just about to the point where the short rows begin and I'm so excited for the finish -- one quick seem and, voila, warm ribs.

Last night, I got out pencil, paper, calculator and ruler.  With coil-less pins, I marked the left side button band in 10-row increments -- it's very dark yarn, lots of rows, I tried to count a few times and my eyes nearly fell out of my head, so used pins to mark the rows and aid in counting.  I had decided on the one-row buttonhole as described in Knitting Workshop and which I'd recently seen demonstrated by Meg Swansen in Cardigan Details.  The ruler actually didn't come into play at all, except at the end, after all the allowances and subtractions and the division, when it assured me that the calculated result regarding spacing would be good.

In the interest of full disclosure, I began to knit the right side button band and was a few rows beyond the first buttonhole, even, before I discovered that I was knitting it to the side of the sweater (it has not yet been seamed) rather than the center.  I had a couple of false starts and, obviously, picked up the wrong edge in the end.  Further, the calculated result of buttonhole placement and the actual result are (as usual) two different things.  *sigh*  I shall have a look today, maybe do some counting, possibly more calculating, ripping may follow, I suppose... if need be.  Blech.

The rest of today's post will be me pointing at people (in a nice way):

Celia (I point at her a lot, she should be used to it), winding up the holidays, received the sweetest gift from her sister-in-law.  I love it.  I'm also pointing at her newest sister-in-law, a new knitter celebrating her first FO and already a start on her second (which will be for the really big FO due in another few months)!

Wendy, aka Bookish Mama, also received a very sweet gift at Christmas from Bookish Papa.  The biggest fun for you and me is that there's a resulting baby name contest.  It's a girl!  The initials are S.C.R. and all you have to do is figure out what they stand for!  I have made some preliminary, unofficial guesses, and shall hone them before I make it official.  I do have it on the most high, most excellent authority that "S" does not stand for "Santa."

Nova wrote a very enjoyable post about the Seamless Hybrid Sweater she just finished for her husband.  The sweater is just fabulous!  Congrats, Nova.

Okay, I was going to point to the purl bee and Nikki's Dragon Scale Mitts, which, with the sudden appearance of the white stuff in my neighborhood, followed by plunging temp, falls right in with my interest in knitting n-warmers (n = hands, wrists, ribs, feet, etc.), and now they've followed that post with one called Fingerless Gloves Galore.  No need for further pointing there.

But I will point at Warm Hands.  Wonderful things going on there -- great inspiration, too -- also at Stranded.  I have January 31st in mind to cast on the Latvian Mittens!  Details and button of some sort shall follow soon...

Next, I wish to point you to an Etsy site called Chickadee Buttons & Beads.  Chickadeebead girl is named Kristy and she hails from the beautiful, far north woods of Wisconsin -- one of my favorite places!  ; )  She's a novice knitter whose passion is making glass beads and, especially, buttons.  I have a couple of personal favorites -- green-shank flower and retro dot buttons, but she totally won me over with the chocolate-covered strawberry bead.  How cute is that???  Alas, sold since I first saw it yesterday -- drat!

I may be a bit more scarce than usual over the next week or so as it's nose to the grindstone time around here.



Don't work too hard and I hope the buttonband works out next time around.
Thanks for link to the buttons and beads, very tempting!!


You're like a regular Yarnival today! Thanks for the links!


I saw Nova's post on the Seamless Hybrid on Zimmermania - I'm loving that group (even if I don't belong...) Makes me want to knit something ala EZ. :)


I missed you yesterday and wondered what was up! Thanks for the great links.


Nose to the grindstone is highly overrated. Just saying.


Love your tiny terra cotta pot. You have such a good photographic eye - very artsy. ;-)


Don't you LOVE Fetching!

Made a few myself for holiday gifts. And they inspired me to make my own patterns. Photos on the blog soon (waiting for acknowledgement of gifts received first - not that my family reads my blog but you never know).

hang in there this week!


Love the color of your Fetching!


Very nice Fetching! Thans for all the cool links,this should keep us busy till you get back!


Very nice chatty post, Vicki! Fetching looks F...fantastic. Thanks for all the links today. Fun treasure to explore with everyone else here. :-) I hope work goes smoothly. I'm boggled by the snow here in Dallas but since it has been such an odd winter, it shouldn't be surprising.


Had 24 on for the first time in 2 seasons, and had to look up at the end from my capecho and ask, "Was that guy who's now dead a good guy or a bad guy?" DH looked at me like I just said I was secretly a man before I met him.


There is another chocolate covered strawberry charm in her shop... its in the Valentines Day collection. You could buy it, keep the strawberry for yourself and give the others to your girls.... not that I would do anything like that..... maybe. ;)

Most etsy shop owners do custom as well, so you can write her and ask.... more likely than not she'll help you out.


OH! Thanks for pointing at me, Becky, and Yukari. We are quite happy to be pointed at. Now I'm gonna go check all the other pointees.


I can't wait to see your Latvian mittens. I'm making my third pair of mittens this winter--second pair of Komi mittens. I also make another pair from Folk Mittens for youngest daughter. Fortunately, since she doesn't wear them (for fear of losing one she says) I can wear them today because they match my jacket also!!


I just finished my first pair of fetching. I am offically addicted to the pattern. I love the color of yours!!!

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