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Happy Birthday!!

Paging through the birthday book

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I found this little thing at a sale last year -- it appeals to me because a) it is an old book, b) with color illustrations, c) with handwritten names (some erasures, as well), d) it's for boys and girls, and e) it's awfully cute.

Dsc09594Dsc09595January is a big month for celebrating, starting off with a bang!  When I read that quote for the 1st, one small change came to mind:

Announced by all the trumpets of the sky,
Arrives... CARA!

My baby sister's birthday is today (and also Truman H's)!  It just does not seem possible that she's... as old as she is!  Happy Birthday, Annie!

A newborn is scheduled to make his appearance today (if he hasn't already decided on his own) that will make me the winner of an office baby pool (the winnings of which are traditionally split with mum).

Tomorrow... well, another small change comes to mind:

A dreary place would this earth be,
Were there no... ANN!

My mother's birthday is on the 31st, winding up the month.  She's actually got a trifecta, celebrating her birthday and anniversary on that date, as well as their first date -- which always seems more beneficial to her husband, having to remember only one date instead of three.

Dsc09620To be honest, I don't recall, exactly, my first date with my hubby.  (We don't have a song, either.)  (Uh-oh, will I have my marriage taken away?)  I could probably figure it out if I looked at a calendar... it was October, I know that much, and I do remember where.  I don't know what I wore, except for the boots...  Why I ever had cowboy boots in the first place, and wore them in the second place, is beyond me (it was the '80s... Urban Cowboy influence), but they're memorable because, well, have you ever tried walking the beach at extreme low tide in cowboy boots?  Trust me, you'd remember.  Do you recall your first date?



Yes! He came to my house for dinner. I made chicken and noodles. Then we went to a movie, a Madonna movie and it was NOT a proper choice for a first date. I remember what I was wearing, but I don't remember what he was wearing! It was in January...


I adore that book!! and what a doll you are to show us our personal dates!

now onto the first dates ..... perhaps the boots were all you were wearing? hmmm????

bad girl.


Yep, I remember. Oct.20, 1992. We went to a university orchestra concert, then took a walk on campus, looking at the stars. A beautiful night. He was my first, and only, boyfriend. Still going strong- we've been married for 10 and a half years.

Thanks for the memories!


My husband and I met as friends online. Both of us were recently divorced and neither of us EVER wanted to get married again!

When we finally met in person almost a year later (talk about nervous!) He flew cross-country holding one perfect magnolia blossom in a glass of water, all the way from Virginia to California and presented it to me at the door.
How could I not marry the man after that!?


We don't really have a song, either. Our first date was breakfast (I was dating someone else and my evenings were his at that point) and I told him it was time to go home after 5 hours of talking! I don't think the other guy was around more than a couple days after that;-)


June 10, 2001. We went for an ice cream, I rode on the back of his motorcycle... and we went for a walk on the beach. Little did I know that he had competed in his first triathlon the day before, and he was SO sore... and walking on the sand was torture.

Steph VW

11 years ago this week, I asked my husband to a movie. We went to supper first, at "The Granite Brewery", and talked for a couple of hours. Then we went to see "12 monkeys" - a very strange movie for a first date. After the movie, we went back to my apartment where my roommate, not realizing that my date was there, walked out of her room in her t-shirt and boxers, saw him and bolted back to her room. After I calmed her down, I went back to the living room where we talked until 2am. Just talked. I knew he was the one that night. He knew it too. Awwwww.


I think the date was August 20th 1992 but I know exactly what I was wearing. Sadly It won't fit anymore. I had cowboy boots then too but I didn't wear them on my first date. Hubbo's birthday was a 2 weeks after we met and I wore them then. They were black Justin's with green lizard skin - ridiculously expensive and I loved them. His grandmother saw me in them and commented "What kind of girl wears boots like that?"


Hmmm...does getting picked up at a party someone invited himself to (in the interest of picking up someone specific -that would be me) count as a first date? I hope so, because the first time we went out after that party has completely slipped my mind.


No first date here either. And we've got lots of songs - do I have to pick just one?

That Ann. She's gonna be twelve tomorrow right?


I don't remember our first date as clearly as I remember the first time I ever saw Dale. It was January 1993 and it was love at first sight. Of course, I was married to someone else at the time so I ignored the whole thing. But in July 1996 we had our first date and we've been inseparable ever since.


My hubby and I met online; our first date was a week later (1/27/03) and we met for dinner. We've been inseperable ever since, I think we've only spent four days apart!


Well, it was kind of a group date. We went with the two other guys from the lighting crew to a bar after a show(He lit my show, remember?). The other guys ended up having an ice cube fight - they.spit.ice.cubes.at.each.other! Although maybe I should be flattered that they treated me just like one of the boys, I distinctly remember wishing he'd had the courage to ask just me out. I liked him enough to give him another chance.


Thai food and a symphony concert. It was a cold Connecticut evening and I was freezing because I wore a dress when I would have been more comfortable in pants. It was awkward because up until that point we were "just" friends. Thank you for the walk down memory lane!

I love that snazzy birthday book!


Heh. I had to go ask him because I couldn't remember the first one exactly. We had gone to college together and the last summer I went to Boston to visit relatives and he called me the day I got back. We lived in different cities then, and we remember the long distance phone calls but neither of us can remember our official first date.


We were set up on a blind date for a Fianl Four basketball party that both of us backed out of and then spontaneously showed up for. It was love at first sight for both of us. Our song is "Avalon" by Roxy Music. It makes my knees weak just humming it in my head.....


Our first date was April 11 or 12, 1976 at Aitos in Berkeley, California. Our friends had a band and were playing traditional Greek music (my husband and I met in a Greek dancing class). We have a lot of songs--all of them Greek! We just celebrated our 30th anniversary last month.

And what a fun birthday book!

Mary in Boston

Ah memories. Our first date was in September, 1975. We were in college. Pizza and a movie (Funny Lady) and hours and hours of talk. It was a great first date, and I remember being so impressed by how kind and sweet and intense he was. Sigh. Well, we had a good 22 years or so, before aliens abducted him and left the playboy in his place.

Love the birthday book, Vicki. That is an awesome find. I really enjoy things like that that give a glimpse into how life was in the past. I have someone's travel diary that I bought at an estate sale, where the young man (21) talks about watching the German army going through drills. The year is 1910 or 11. It's great fun to read his thoughts.


ah yes, i also had a stylish pair of Frye cowboy boots that i wore in the late 80s. but i lived in tx at the time, so i sorta had an excuse. sorta.

first date? beats me. we were marathon-training partners who ran together almost daily and celebrated our accomplishments by going to swanky dinner joints. we would be like the only couple at dinner not on a date. until finally i said our non-dates were getting in the way of my dating life. ;)


I'm not sure if it was our first date, but close to it. We went to a pancake restaurant (creperie) and I ordered my crepe with bacon and icecream. We're still together almost 33 yrs later.

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