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Red buttons

Dsc09486My last FO for 2006 was another Calorimetry.  I used the specified Filatura di Crosa 127 Print, but 7US needles instead of 8.  It will be part of a birthday gift for my sister later this month, and it's going to look great on her!  I have yarn for two more.

I think one of my favorite parts is choosing the button.

Dsc09487_1 Dsc09488_1 Dsc09489_1

Sorting through and playing with the buttons will never get tiresome.  They're mostly buttons found in Great Grandma's sewing machine drawers.  I loved playing with buttons even as a girl.  Mom kept a pretty, old candy tin full of buttons on her dresser and I would scoop them up by the handsful and let them sift through my fingers like treasure, spotting the interesting ones as they slipped by, later diving in and hunting for the special ones.  They always felt cool to the touch, even on the hottest of days.  If you like buttons, too, check out this recent Kmkat post.

You can run across the oddest things in the button box, though.

Dsc09490_1 Dsc09491 Dsc09492 Dsc09493

That little red clothespin seems too small for even the tiniest of doll clothes, doesn't it?  I know what that little white thing was used for (it's one of what should be a pair) -- DO YOU?

I'm feeling woefully disorganized, particularly where my knitting is concerned, considering it's a new year and auld lang syne and fresh starts and all that.  On the other hand, DH and I cleaned out the coat closet together to kick off our Year-long Decluttering Campaign.  Under the heading of "You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks," I showed him the best way (IMH-who-does-the-laundry?-O) to fold the sweaters and sweatshirts that we (mostly he) keep on the shelf to avoid avalanches; as a further avalanche prevention measure, he also added a 3-inch wide board to increase the depth of the shelf.  I have signed up for tips and printed out my free Decluttering Calendar, a very helpful thing I've found at a recently subscribed-to blog called My Simpler Life.  I also listed one item on ebay yesterday, and have two more lined up.  I've been thinking about this for... forever.  I'm taking it slow and I hope that translates into steady and winning the race.  I've got to think of it that way -- a race against the stuff.  I can see the genesis of pathways forming in certain areas of my home, piles of things teeter or get moved back and forth a lot, not to mention the kids -- there's just a lot of stuff.

UfochallengeThe decluttering will also extend to my knitting and, to that end, I have joined the UFO Resurrection 2007 at Kat with a K.  If my stash was a little bigger (i.e., consisted of yarn more useful or earmarked for a project) I'd consider Wendy's Knit From Your Stash-along.  How long does a project sit before it becomes a UFO?  I had Coup d'Etat on my lap last night and I think I may have finally figured out what went wrong.  That one will have to get frogged a little for the fix.  I'll be pulling some projects out of the  mothballs soon... oh, there are some OLD ones.

Finally.  A shout to Jen and La and The Third Annual JenLa Knit Blog Awards.  They totally made my day.  Thank goodness it's a new year -- 2006 really kinda sucked and, judging from how often I've read variations on that theme in the past week, it seems to have really kinda sucked all over.  So, shall we?  Onward...



One of my resolutions was to take care of some of my UFOs, so I joined the UFO Resurrection too.

Thanks for the link.


The 'white thing' looks like the things we would put on our babies shoe laces to keep them tied. Is there a bell in the center?


I've been thinking about buttons a lot lately and I'm kind of sorry I don't have a collection. Maybe my grandmother does....

Always nice to see yours.


Look at all the red buttons! Love it. My button stash is small but growing. I have only one UFO. If I haven't touched a project in over a's GONE.


Oh my! I haven't seen one of those white things since I put them on my babies' shoes to keep them from untying them. The little bells inside helped us keep track of where those little feet were scurrying off to. I wonder if they still make those or are they a threat to anyone under the age of 3?


I used to love to play with the button box, too! And you're so right about the weird stuff you find in there. Of course, I know what the white thing is - I used those on Hannah's shoes to keep her laces tied. Such memories!


I *love* buttons, especially buttons passed down from older family members. :)


I'm with you on the decluttering. I've been working on it in spurts for a while now. One good thing about decluttering is you start really thinking about the effort it takes to manage and pare down your belongings, which makes me think twice before I bring something new into the house! I'm looking forward to the day when my stuff doesn't run my life.


The white thing is for baby shoelaces - I remember pictures of my hardsoled baby shoes with them! :) My sons had teenage mutant ninja turtle versions of the same thing.

The little red clothespin looks like the little red clothespins that came with the red and white string that we used to hang up to display Christmas cards ages ago! They didn't work so well for that either!

decluttering - boy do I need to jump on that bandwagon!


Vicki, I didn't know what the white object was but I had a good guess and now I know I was close. The jingle bell was a clue. I love buttons and I'm sure that love is genetically-carried as my maternal grandmother had boxes of buttons (I mean BOXES!). That was an unintended segway into clutter!! AUGH. Good luck with the decluttering.


I did a double-take when I saw your first picture! Thanks for the mention.

No idea on the white thing, but I guess many others recognized them. My boys mostly wore shoes with Velcro -- maybe that's why these were a mystery.

Too Much Stuff -- another disease of our affluent society, along with atherosclerosis and Type 2 diabetes. I suffer from it as well. Your statement about developing pathways really hit home. 2007: the year of the declutter.


The buttons are a treasure.

I wonder if the rings were for either silk scarfs, maybe used to make buttons or for making a belt.

Beth Dargis

Wishing you success on your decluttering Vicki!


I love the Calorimetry! And good luck with the decluttering! :)


Onward for sure! I too, am in full declutter mode. Stuff (and I don't mean yarn and supplies) just complicate life too much. The pathways, piles and avalanches too. Do like your red buttons though! I collect them too & they are great little things! Now to sneak off to read the links!


I love the Calorimetry. I am making one, in fact I am on my third attempt. In spite of going down one needle size and getting gauge (although"lightly stretched" is somewhat arbitrary) The first two attempts were much too long. A mystery. I know I have a pinhead but still...


did you see in your sitemeter that I was on your site for hours today? I followed your link to the declutter site fulling intending to come back with my guess about that white thing in your button box, read the declutter links, then the phone rang, then the doorbell went, then the phone again, then the dogs needed to go out, then I went for a swim and to the grocery store ...... and now I'm back and still don't have a good guess. But I bet the others are right about the baby shoe business!


I'm so glad that you posted the link to that decluttering calender! That's what I'm focusing on right now too, and it feels SO good to get rid off all the clutter (and the emotional baggage that seems to come along with it)!


I'm going to make that! I can't wait. Yours is very pretty!


Wow, I am with you on being so done with 2006, and hoping so much for a better 2007! This was a great post, with all the red buttons. I love buttons, too, though I have forced myself to not "collect". We managed to get the VFD to agree to take two old, dead cars... now THAT is really a lot of weight to shed in the new year. Happy New Year, Vicki!


Vick - did you ever play the game "Button, button, whose got the button?"
We used to play it for hours with my grandma when I was a kid. It was the only game she had beyond cards - and we didn't seem to mind one bit. I'm sorry to say that her buttons were tossed out by my aunts - but I have started my own button jar and am displaying it proudly.


You got me on this one...I can spend three hours looking for the perfect button in one of my button boxes! Happy New Year, Vicki, and the Jen La award is certainly appropriate!


I see that 'what the white thing is' has been revealed - but *I* know what the little red clothespeg is for! It is for clipping Christmas cards to string to display them. My parents have a small pottery container of them - green ones too - that see regular use every year. I guess they're just getting put away in fact!

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