Happy Birthday!!

Take the money and run...

...straight to the LYS!

Dsc09623 Dsc09622

Dsc09621I did win the baby pool at work on Tuesday!  Yesterday, with my winnings stuffed in my pocket and a gift certificate from Christmas, I stopped at the LYS to see if I could add to my Dale Baby Ull color selection -- what I've got is decidedly baby-ish -- I was specifically looking for a deeper red, a deeper green, a nice gold and/or tan -ish and/or brown.  I found a light gray and a deeper red, but the brown looked like poop and there was neither a nice gold (or even yellow) nor a good, deep green.  Meanwhile, I fondled some Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4-ply, pondering a little mix-and-match action, and I could not let go.  I brought home the three skeins at far right -- a nice, deep green as well as a lovely sage-gray, and an even nicer red.

Now, I've been paging through Latvian Mittens quite a bit lately, considering patterns and colors -- what I've got versus what I might need.  I am always drawn toward the two-color designs and, while no less Latvian than their more colorful counterparts, I do want to knit a pair with more than two colors.  Plate 11f barely qualifies as three-color, but I haven't been able to get it out of my head and now I think the Jaeger combo has pretty much sealed the deal and that's what they want to be.  I'm going to peruse and ponder for a few more days, all but declaring my intentions, "matchmaking" with 11f and the Jaeger.  At least for the first pair...

I can't imagine what this shop owner thinks, first I'm buying sock yarn to satisfy a bet lost on a football game with Kathy, and now spending money won in a baby pool.  Next thing you know, I'll be getting a game of craps going behind the shop, fleecing the elegant, upper-crust clientele of yarn money so I can get my wool fix.  Heheheh, get it?  Fleecing...for wool?  I'm sorry, here's the part where I'm making myself laugh.  Snort.  I'm absolutely, positively joking, of course; it's a very friendly shop, one of my favorites, and I love the owner, but it is swankier than most.  I'm just doing my part for the low-life knitters.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned" -- from The Color of Money



Woohoo! You are one lucky pooler. Next time I'll ask you for advice. You know the right places to shop, too!


Did someone say Craps game? I'm IN!


Ahem ,all the new purchases are lovely but don't you think you should just get going on those mittens? It's not getting any warmer out there!


Remind me never to bet against you...


Ahem. Do you ever go to the casino? If so, I want to go along and stand next to you. For luck. Congrats!


I am itching to do some mittens, it seems like the knit of the season! I am sure whichever colors from your newly added to stash you go with will be great!


Now I'm going to have to check out plate 11f! I just ordered the Selbustrikk book from Nordic Fiber Arts. Looks like there's lots to drool over there. :)


Perhaps it's time to place bets on the Super Bowl.


What a gorgeous haul...it will make beautiful mittens. I got a big chuckle out of the craps comments :)


Only for the fact that you are so lucky am I glad we live in different states! Odds are I have a better chance of winning random craps games.


Lucky you! Your yarn haul looks excellent.


A great pun and a great haul!


There are worse things to bet on :-) Indy or the Bears?

kathy b

So funny you are! I tend to spend winnings/mad money/birthday money on yarns too. This in not a cheap interest we have!

Bears country here. Hmmmmmm. Underdog winnings would be sweet eh?

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