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That last braid could be a little tighter... my stitches at the joins could be better... floats a little looser... but OHMYGOD, I am so much better at this than any of my previous attempts.  I can see improvement since I started and I LOVE this mitten!

That said, this morning I've contemplated ripping it out and starting over -- I hear Lizbeth whispering in my ear ("RIP!" -- it's a loud whisper...) -- I'm waffling -- are these "mistakes"? -- am I being too critical? -- will I feel any better (be any less critical) about the beginning of a new mitten by the time I reach the hand?  It's all part of the process, isn't it?

It's a mitten.  Why do I get entangled like this?  So, at this very moment, I think not...

I've posted blogless Nessa Z.'s mitten progress at the Knit Like A Latvian blog.  It's beautiful.  For my next pair, I'm definitely going to do fringe...

The sun is shining strong today and a slow warming trend has begun!  Maybe we can get Katie's car started this afternoon (it's been a dead Saab since Monday)... she took mine to work today... which puts a bit of a crimp in my plan to go to the Y.



I'm not advocating that you rip it but if you've got that little voice in your head it might be better to listen to it. I usually regret it when I don't.


I can't see a thing wrong with the mitten. It's fabulous. We could ALWAYS knit more something better, but is it wise to always restart. Work TOWARDS perfection. It may never be reached but it's fun to work at it.


Those are gawgus darhhhhling!!! LOVE the colours! If the persistent voice is driving you crazy then perhaps you should listen. OTOH, don't be too hard on yourself, this is your first time "knitting like a Latvian"!!


It's stunning, but listen to your voice. What I would do is not rip it just yet, but start on the new mitten, then afterwards make the decision to rip the old one, so when you do, you won't feel so much like you are starting at square one.


I love it, its fab, but the voices sometimes get loud and you have to listen, usually I leave it till they are yelling then I am really mad, at me!


I agree about starting a new mitten and waiting. If you decide later to rip, so be it. It is your knitting, rip if you want to. There is nothing I hate more than seeing a flaw every time I look at something. If I have decided it is a flaw, it stands out taunting me. If I have decided it is informative and reminds me of a lesson learned, I am happy. Do what will make you happy when you wear them. That may be seeing how far you've come in just one mitten.




Vicki, I love(!) those mittens! you should be so proud of yourself! and I love the cell phone holder too--what a fun knit! Maybe I'll have to check out that book....
Once again, LOVE the mitten!

Nessa Zimmerman

Vicki, I think the braid and joins may block out surprizingly well (I think they look just fine now, and you might notice I didn't send pics of MY joins). If you're not sure, you could put it on a holder and give the cuff a blocking. I've done that with other projects I was sure would need frogging, and didn't.

Mary in Boston

Wow! You're amazing! Those will be glorious mittens. Keep warm. We have sun here, but very little heat. Makes good knitting weather.


I'm with the others who think blocking will fix the issues you have named. Keep going - they look fantastic!


Beautiful mitten! Love the braids!


Wabi-sabi. I love that mitten.


Keep knitting! It's beautiful.


Resist the tempation to rip!! The mitten looks beautiful, and remember it is a hand made object. I really like the looks of these mittens, maybe someday I will rise to the challenge and try to make some.


I think the mitten looks fantastic! I know what you mean about that meddling little (though sometimes loud) voice in your head that tells you to rip, but from what I can see, it looks great. I think that most often the flaws we see are not noticeable to anyone else and besides, they add character!

I hope you are staying warm!


That is such a beautiful mitten. Just looking at it encourages me to get more technical with my colorwork. I've been thinking about a new pair of mittens and this is the perfect time, considering the cold midwest weather. Consider me, inspired!

Diane E.

Love everything about your mitten! Keep on knittin', not rippen'. Don't you just love mitten knitin'!


It's looking fabulous! I am amazed with the intarsia.


Oh, that love is certainly justified..........gorgeous!


I vote for keep on going - they are gorgeous - I can't see any mistakes. :-)


I looooove the mittens Vicki! That being said you probably won't be happy unless you rip them out - it's the learning curve thing; now you've got it and you know you can make them just that little bit better. They may "only" be mittens but everytime you wear them, you will be looking at the areas that are driving you crazy now and wishing you would have. I would imagine that working back up to where you are now may not take that long and you will be so much happier. Just my opinion.

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