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Dsc09850This is the Noro Blossom I've been working with the last few days.  I just started ball two of four last night and that's all I have -- it isn't going to be enough, so Plan A is out the window.  I kind of knew it would be.

I originally bought this yarn in NYC almost two years ago for Williamsro -- on my first-ever blogger meet-up yarn crawl weekend (which was so perfect that it still seems surreal) (the yarn is even pictured in one of those posts) -- a really fun, last-minute, tag-along with DH on business trip.  This is mostly mindless knitting, just the sort of thing to do with yarn like this.  I love watching the colors change and, with this yarn, the texture changes a lot, too.  It's very enjoyable.  I was photographing it morning light on the kitchen table as the sun was coming up today -- definitely color similarities between the yarn and recent sunrise/sunsets.  I do have a Plan C(ascade) if I can't come up with more for Plan B(lossom)...

I am so happy that the weekend is upon us -- a warm one, too.  The forecast is for 40s straight through the weekend, which means lots of melting snow -- and almost 50 on Tuesday!  I'm not sure what's beyond that, and right now I don't care!

Happy weekend.



I do love that color! We're supposed to have a warming trend, too - thank goodness!


It may be near 60! for me this weekend. I will be OUTside. :)


We're looking forward to a warming weekend, too. Spring seems to have come in the last 24 hours!


I hope you have an awesome taste-of-spring
this weekend,I need one too! Thank you for your blog, I enjoy it so much! You have helped me out of the dinner jam so many times,thanks! And I love love Nore too!


I meant to spell NORO, opps!


I LOVE that color. I'm hoping for Plan B :-) Have a great weekend!


I don't know about the dyelot but we definately have that color! You want some?


It's 72 degrees here right now. Low tonight of 52. Spring has sprung in Kentucky! Hallelujah! My wish is the same for you!


I hope you can get your hands on some more of the Blossom, it's gorgeous. Enjoy the spring tease!

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