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So, if you were 48 and me and in the market for/considering your first tattoo -- not sayin' that I've made an appointment -- in a kind of (hopefully not too painful) solidarity-with-the-kiddos move, though not yet the youngest, in a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" way -- but in a more protective super-mom-power way, like, look how I can take the heat and divert bad vibes from you to me -- and also because you've been pondering it for a while... maybe you've been channeling your inner Rhonda.  Not too big, but not too small, and then again, maybe kinda sorta medium big (if you're going to do it...), but not like all over your back or anything... 'cuz ouch, honey, that looks so painful... anyway...

What design would you do?  And where would you do it?  Well, not IT, but THAT -- where would you have a tattoo placed?  I'm thinking Celtic.  Tell me.

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A little housecleaning today -- items from my Bloglines list to list here instead:

This weekend, I am finally going to make Carole's version of Artichokes French -- that she blogged about almost a month ago!  Birdsong had a hit with it recently, too.

The baby sweater will be blocked before it is seamed this weekend (man, is it curly!) and while it's drying, I'll finish the Latvian mitten thumbs (and maybe update the Knit Like A Latvian KAL blog that I am hostess of) now that I know there's someone(s) that they'll fit, even though the weather isn't suitable.  Speaking of Latvian Mittens -- go see Maia's here (what a difference scale makes in photography!) and then here.  And also speaking of mittens, don't forget Terri's new book Selbuvotter -- the pre-order shipping deal expires at the end of the month.

Even older than Carole's recipe is this post/Mirelle pattern (pdf) at Through the Loops!  More recently and seasonally spectacular is Linea (hopefully soon a pattern?).  Kristen is also the designer of Tahoe in the new Knitty.

I've got a thing about small shawls, I guess, and Susie finished one recently that caught my eye.

Julia's got this great post with a possible destination for some of the things you may have in your de-stash pile.  I think I may have some things...

I've had this post at sweet figs marked f.o.r.e.v.e.r -- some really great photos of Elizabeth Zimmermann's work.  Time to make note of it here and let go.  ; )

I'm not misbehaving...  A great little post at Vicki's a while back.

It might soon be time for a Vicki webring.

As a former typesetter, myself, I absolutely loved the haiku at the end of this post...  Hahahaha.  I shot the serif...  Hahahaha.  (Is there milk coming out of my nose?)

I've been enjoying The Writers' Group blog quite a lot; this is the post I've had bookmarked and have re-read a few times already.  I might leave that one marked for a little while yet.



So much here to comtemplate! My tatt would be on my back shoulder...right/left maybe...or perhaps the ankle...right/left...maybe a konji peace or perhaps the sign for Zen or maybe a ball of yarn and knitting needles like the Yarn Maven...or well, as you can see it may be awhile before I jump. ;-)


My best advice for a tattoo is to put it where you can see it (so you can enjoy it!) but also put it where you can hide it (because sometimes it's just personal and not to be shared.)

Mine is just above my breast. A lower cut top reveals it, either peeking over the top, or hopping out to see the world. (It's a frog, so it hops.)

Design is something you have to really find for yourself. Make sure it speaks to you. Make sure you will love it forever.

Have fun!


Mine would be on the outside of my ankle. Probably a paw print. It'll never happen since I don't do (sharp) needles, but it's fun to pretend.


Ooo, a tatoo, how exciting!
I have two, both medium sized, one on my lower back (got that before they were so immensely popular there) and one between my shoulder blades. The second spot was nearly painless. I do have a high pain tolerance, so I'd say they didn't "hurt" so much as burn - sort of like having a really bad sunburn and getting sand rubbed on it... lingering, but not sharp. I knew both the designs very well (the first I drew myself) so I focused on the lines being drawn during the tattoo.
Make sure you go to a good artist, that s/he is willing to take the time to explain everything and/or alter designs for you - a tattoo artist in a hurry signifies someone who won't take enough care with you.
As for placement, ankle, breastbone, and inner arm are supposed to be more sensitive, while outer arm (shoulder) and upper back aren't as much. Being able to cover it when you want, and reveal when you want are important. Just make sure you love it, and remember to BREATHE.


I think Celtic designs are beautiful. I would recommend going to a bookstore with a good art section and looking at some design books to see if you can find something that you like or that will inspire you. I ended up giving one of my Celtic design books to my tattoo artist and, by his reaction, I think he was more pleased to get that than the money or the tip I gave him for the tattoo. Don't feel limited by what you can find on the internet -- this will be on your body for a good long time if not forever so it's worth the time and money to find a design you like before you even start talking to an artist. The artist can make alterations and is certainly the best source for telling you what will work and what won't work, but don't just show up and expect to pick a design out of a flash book. Be prepared!


I like that my tattoo is on my lower back.(also before it became so popular) I can see it when I want to, but I also forget I even have it from time to time. It took two years for me to design my tattoo. I'm kinda obsessive like that. I can't wait to see what you decide to get!!


Go for it! I got my first tatoo when I was 33. I thought about it for years before taking the plunge. I am ah uge baby about pain and it doesn't hurt much if you get it in a fleshy area. I got it on my leg about 6 inches bove the knee. That way I easily can look at it, but it's also easily hidden if I want it to be hidden. the thing about a lower back or a shoulder tatoo is that it's hard for you It's a design I made up myself based on graphics of coffee cups on old advertising tins from the 1920s and 1930s. Yes, my tattoo is a coffee cup with steam coming out of it. Kind of art deco. Only black and red ink. I've wanting to get a knitting related tattoo. It sounds like you've given this a lot of thought. Celtic designs a re timeless and beautiful, so as long as you love it, that's what counts. Also, get a recommendation from someone you know as you don't want to just walk in any old tattoo parlor. Be sure to post pictures if you do get some ink.


Another vote for making sure it's something you love.

I have three, I am probably done for a long time. My husband hates them and I've kind of outgrown the thrill as well. I have three, one on my upper arm, one at the top of my back and one at the bottom of my back.

All three have personal meaning to me and I wouldn't get rid of them given the chance, but I do wish I had put more thought into the first one.



I've decided that if I get a 100% Real Job (i.e. an acutal salary, not just a brief contract, $/hour, or the strange perma-temp position I'm in currently) I'm going to get tattooed. It seems like in order for me to make that large a commitment (my body and someone elses art joined forever!) It should mark some sort of milestone.

I've known for years that I'd want something on my left shoulder, and that it will be Celtic. Lately I'm thinking it will be a Celtic style three-foxes-running interlaced piece I designed. I've hennaed it on a drum I own, and think it would be good to have the tattoo be someitng I know I love and was creatively a part of its conception.

Best of luck figuring out what's best for you! Would your tattoo be to commemorate any milestone of your own?

Mary in Boston

OOOoooHHH!!! I've been contemplating a little dragon for a few years. Celtic. I'll see if I can find a link for you.

Go Vicki!



Get a celtic triple spiral :) http://www.treasurecast.com/images/121%20pendant/121-0679_small.jpg

The 3 spirals are for the 3 stages of womanhood, Maiden, Mother, Crone. I think it would be rather appropriate to get it with your daughters. :D


I hope you have a great weekend, Vicki!!


Cheshire cat - on my hip, the really fatty part.

And, I only just came up with the cat from watching an episode of Miami Ink with the old man. I'm scared of needles so it'll never happen, besides Mr. M has enough tatoos for the whole lot of us. (he doesn't think so)


I used to be so scared of tattoos, but after I got my first one I was hooked! I have three now: one on my upper arm (least painful), one on my inner ankle (most painful!) and one on my outer ankle/foot. The foot hurt like crazy but I love the way it looks--it's a ball of yarn w/ knitting needles, and a string runs up to a tattoo of my cat on my ankle!


I have a flowery vine thing above my right ankle and I've never regretted it. If I was skinny I'd have gotten a Celtic design on my lower back.
Enjoy those artichokes!


When thinking about getting a tattoo placement is kind of the key. It hurts less on a fatty part of your body and hurts more any area where the skin is thin over bone. So an ankle tattoo is fine in the fattier part of your leg (above the bone), but hurts more when it's over the ankle bone.

Find something that has real meaning to you and can represent something then you'll never regret it. I have a Chinese dragon on my upper arm that I will never regret because of what it represents to me.


Oh, I'd love to have a small blue dragonfly on my upper outer ankle!

Thanks for the links - I'm off to check my stash for possible donations to Sacramento!

Amy MacKinnon

Vicki, this is such a gorgeous site. I'm in awe of your talent; I've always wanted to knit, but haven't the gift for it. And thanks so much for your gracious nod about my post. You've made my day.


One of my yoga videos has an instructor with a cool tattoo of a lizard. It starts around her ankle bone and it loos like it is crawling up her leg. If it was me I'd do it where it hurt the least but I'm a big baby. :)


Don't get a tat. You don't need it to look more beautiful.


Mine's on the back of my upper right arm. Hidden in a t-shirt, revealed in a tank. It's hiding a scar. Originally, I wanted a celtic knot right over it, but the artist talked me out of it, since the scar tissue would take ink differently. That's how I ended up with the kanji symbol for good luck around the scar, which I got touched up and expanded recently to the symbol for happiness.


I got mine when I turned 45. I needed to do something a little wild and unsuburban mom. It was perfect. It is on my inside right ankle, a spiral sea shell. It is a good place in terms of discretion but it did hurt a lot.

Ann K.

A tat isn't about making yourself more beautiful IMHO.. I believe it's about making a statement... like "I know I'm beautiful" or "I'm comfortable in my own skin"..
I love the idea of you getting a tattoo -- I have one (got it almost 20 years ago) and plan to get another..not sure when or what but I'm sure it will happen. :) I look forward to hearing what you decide!


You took the words right out of my mouth: something Celtic!


I've been looking at designs and thinking about getting a tattoo every since I had my brain surgery. My original plan was a celtic knot between my shoulder blades, but my best friend/beau freaked out so badly that I scrapped the whole idea. Now that he's out of the picture I've been thinking about it again. The design has changed a few times, but if I do it it'll be on the side of my left hip, so it'll be more personal and I can cover it. I want something that really stands out to me from the beginning, and after considering a lot of options I've decided that I want to get a (decent size) phoenix rising from the ashes. I think it fits after going through the surgery and everything.

My current beau has one on each bicep, one on his forearm just below the elbow, and one all the way around his arm from wrist to elbow. He says the inner arm is DEFINITELY worse than the other ones were.


I posted a picture of my tatoo on my blog if you want to check it out. It is a Green Bay Packer G!! Go Pack!!


Thanks for the link, Vicki! I think I might do a Celtic braid around my ankle. It's about the only place I can think of that probably won't be sagging anytime soon :-)


Lots of meat in this post, eh? Thanks for the link to the figs blog -- I'll be sending some yarn their way.

The tattoo. I see that Barnes and Noble (at least the one on the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis) has a whole rack of Dover books, including several of Celtic designs. Check them out. I love Celtic, too.


A Celtic knot on my lower back, I haven't done it yet but have been thinking about it.


Good luck with the tattoo :) Many (yes, many) of the girls I knit with have knitting ones. Usually a ball of yarn with a skull and crossed needles. I know I don't have the guts yet.


I like where mine are because I can show them if I want. I have them both on my shoulder blades. The only time people really see them is if I'm in a bathing suit or if I'm wearing a recer-back tank top. There's also some padding there so it doesn't hurt as much!


Oh what the hell, get a "Maple Leaf" and celebrate your friends in Canada!!!

Amy Lu

I was considering a tattoo last summer (I chickened out.)

It was a simple ball of yarn with 2 knitting needles stuck thru it. I figured it was the only tattoo I could get that would be just as relevant at 90 as it would be at 30.

I'm one that believes in showing off a tattoo if you're going to get one. I was going to have mine on the outside of my upper arm, Biker-style! Go for it Vicki! Just get it placed somewhere you can share on your blog! :o)

Amy Lu


You could get a celtic braid on one of your toes, like a toe-ring.


Let's see...maybe a smiley face tattoo...but it would have to be in a place that wouldn't sag in ten years...I'm afraid it would end up looking like "The Scream"


De-lurking to say I got my first tattoo (and, so far, only, but I keep thinking about another) last summer for my 50th birthday. It's on my upper back, where it's usually hidden, but it shows when I wear a sundress, and sort of peaks out of some tops.

I love Celtic designs and hearts, so mine combines the two. You can see it here: http://knittingrelaxesme.blogspot.com/2007/03/tattoo-meme.html (should have cleaned the mirror before I took that picture!)


I don't have any tattoos, but if I did, it would be a phrase the Yarn Harlot apparently had on a t-shirt:
All Your Yarn Are Belong To Us.

A riff on a computer/gamer geek phrase, thus combining two of my loves.


me? I would get a ball of yarn and some knitting needles


I love Celtic patterns. We picked one for our wedding rings. I don't have any tatoos, so maybe I shouldn't insert my two cents (aw, heck, why let that stop me). We are never too old (and I might add, 48 is NOT old old, mature maybe, not old, says the 44 year old) to do something fun and daring. Go for it!

Love the round up of interesting tidbits. I may have to borrow the idea. Thank you for including my mitten.


I would NEVER EVER get one but I'm putting my cautious two cents in anyway.
Try a henna or fakey one various places for a few weeks and see if you are still smitten.
Sorry but, bleeckkk!


I got one last summer impulsively - I'm 45 so I don't really have an excuse for this type of impulse behavior! I love it though - its a sheep and its on my right shoulder. After reading some of the comments here, now I think maybe I'd like a second on my inside ankle....


Just make sure it doesn't say pork lo mein in Celtic.


oh, har har Cara. I don't know how this post got past me -- I spent lots of time reading everyone's ideas and now I want one of those triple Celtic Spirals! I say go for it.

Vicki Forman

I would LOVE a Vicki webring!

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