Who loves you, baby bro?

If I've taken 10,000 pictures...

...are they worth 100,000,000 words?

Dsc00007 Dsc00008

These are pictures 10,007 and 10,008 taken with my Sony DSC-85 which I love, love, love except that it's slow, slow, slow.  Most of the time, the slowness isn't an issue -- the knitting doesn't move very fast -- but my 2-year-old nephew?  Let me count how many pictures I have of the back of his head/behind his right ear...  It was a FANTASTIC camera when I bought it 6-7 years ago (I did not pay even close to the $800 "street price" quoted in the linked article -- I don't know where that figure came from), and I love how it feels and looks, but, along with being slow, it's also starting to make funny noises.  Well, whatever, I won't be buying a new camera anytime soon.

I talked about baby knitting the other day, needing something small and quick with a good chance at success.  This is the completed back and nearly completed front of the "V-neck Sweater with Pockets" from Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss.  I am using DB Baby Cashmerino (from stash) in one color rather than two and it may fit Mack for just a little bit before being put away for the new baby.  I might have enough yarn left to make a matching pair of socks from the same book.  I love this yarn except for the static cling -- lots of static cling -- while knitting.

Did I mention that Mack's moving to a farm?  A 100-acre farm whittled down to a 14-acre farmette, really, with a big ol' farmhouse, a real barn and outbuildings (tingle).  There is talk of raising chickens and a pig ("don't get too attached"), and (ohmygod-if-anything-gets-me-to-spin-it-will-be-this) SHEEP!  How could I possibly pass on the opportunity to have a sheepie or two of my own???  Now I'll have to do some research!

The weekend was really nice.  We had a great get-together on Saturday for Michael's birthday.  The card turned out pretty cute -- I found a picture of George Martin w/The Beatles that I used inside, replacing George's head with Mom's, and captioned it, "...with our producer..."  The book was a big hit.  It may be the last Beatles gift that Michael ever receives, because I don't think there's a thing that could top it.



You are a very prolific picture taker! And if you have easy access to ship well...you better buy a wheel! ;-)


Is the farmette closer to you? That would be an added bonus. I think you've got a spinning wheel in your future.


Glad you had such a good weekend! YAY for sheep!


Glad you had a great birthday weekend, knitting small things is so satisfyingly quick and its very cute.


Your own sheep??!! WOW! Sounds like you had a super weekend and were very creative in several ways. I hope your sister is moving closer or at least not any farther away from you. What a fun place for little ones to grow up on!


A farm and sheep and out buildings. Sounds idyllic. Can't wait for the "out building" photo shots.


So glad your brother is doing well. And, your camera deserves its own party for doing so well for so many years!


I am a very big fan of celebrating birthdays, i am glad yours was enjoyable. I like the look of your DB sweater, I like the cashmerino, even if it is known to pill. It's smooth and buttery..buttery like the sweater you are knitting!


Wow, 10,000 pictures. Remember back in the olden days when we were using film? It would cost too much and take too long to take too many pictures. Your photos are always terrific to see.


A sheep of your own (or two, or three, or ten!). Pick something fabulous. And cute. Hmm, I guess they are all cute.

"...with our producer..." is BRILLIANT!


I love your 10,000 pictures = 100,000,000 words! But I'm an accountant, what do you expect? :-)

And I have one word for you: llamas. On the farmette. To herd the sheep.

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