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Happy Birthday, Margene!!!

Heheheh, there's a little hand-eye coordination test this morning...  Click on over with birthday wishes for Margene!!

A week from today, the First Day of Spring, marks three years of "knitorious" blogging.  Technically, it was March 20th, but the "First Day of Spring" sticks in my mind.  I am truly amazed at all that blogging has brought to my life.  I never imagined that I'd meet so many people from all over the globe.  I never imagined that they'd utterly astound me with their compassion and support during crisis.  I never imagined that I'd have the opportunity to meet so many of them in person.  I did suspect that my knitting would show improvement, but never imagined it would be so much or so quickly.  I never imagined that blogging would be so good for my health.

Yes, you read that right, I'm living proof, and I do declare it:  Blogging can be good for your health!!

If it wasn't for blogging, my sister and I wouldn't be celebrating TWO YEARS as EX-SMOKERS with Ann -- because of Ann -- this weekend.  I hadn't laid eyes on Ann, or even spoken with her on the phone two years ago, when I read her fateful post, where there's smoke...  Chords were struck and I practically joined up on-the-spot!  We have so many other things in common, it turns out, that she's become a good friend, too -- and we hardly ever talk about smoking.

If it wasn't for blogging, I'd never have met Cara, either.  She was so generous and supportive of the quit.  She rocked my socks (before we knew the yarn), sending me a wonderful box of goodies -- stir straws, sunflower seeds, Dum-Dums and gum.  She sent me so much, in fact, that I shared the wealth and sent a little on to Ann, rocking her socks, too.  At the time, Cara and Ann had never met -- I don't think either was even much aware of the other's blogging -- and I do rather look at the wonder that is them (and you must agree that, together, they are truly a Wonder) as something I helped to promote, nurture, foster, create.  I like to think of myself as their Fairy Blogmother (as opposed to Frankenstein).

To commemorate the not smoking, I have finally categorized all of the posts having to do with quitting smoking -- the why and how, the cravings, the suffering, what helped, what didn't, the triumphs, a running tally of how many cigarettes I have not smoked and how much money I've saved -- all that into Smokin' (or NOT).  I've been meaning to do that for a year.  Maybe it'll help some folks to commiserate, get through it, know that they're not alone.  I hope so.

Anyway, with two milestone anniversaries, not to mention my brother's birthday (and last year's sort of re-birthday) on St. Patrick's Day, March seems like a good time for a contest.  YAY, presents!

Dsc09917Here's how:  Yesterday's post was my 910th and the comments, as of this writing, number 7940.  What will the numbers be when I sit down to post on the First Day of Spring?  You may enter by comments or email.  If I post everyday between now and then, it will be the 918th post -- and I could, but is it likely?  I rarely post more than once a day -- I could, and I have, but is it likely?  My comments aren't generally in the stratosphere, but when there's a contest involved, anything can happen... Your guesses are as good as mine.  The winner will be drawn at random from all entries with the correct numbers; in the event no one gets both numbers, then it shall be from among the closest(s).  The prize, at the very least, will be Cables Untangled.



Okay, I'm going with 916 posts and 10,001 comments.

Congrats on two smoke free years! I'm almost at one year of no smoking. I wonder if I'll ever get to the point where a day goes by and I don't think about it once. Where I don't get that little pang of longing, or have that quick, intense flash of memory of the taste. . .

Sonya Keim

Woo hoo on being smoke free!
I think you will have 916 posts and 8490 comments.

Dawne Lucas

Congratulations and happy bolgiversary to you!! I'm say'in 918 posts/9444 comments.

Stitchy Fingers

Well done! I'm guessing 915 posts and 8590 comments.


Congratulations Vicki! I bite at this but always give it a go anyway;) 925 posts-8259 comments

Stitchy Fingers

Well done! I'm guessing 915 posts and 8590 comments.


I've enjoyed your 3 blogging years!Thank you!(and congratulations on successfully quitting smoking too)
My guess.... 916 posts 8400 comments.

Stitchy Fingers

Well done! I'm guessing 915 posts and 8590 comments.


LOL - I am not even gonna guess - I'm always so far off. I am, however, delighted that you are blogging!!


916, 8416

Congratulations on quitting - and managing to make it stick.


The best and most wonderful part of this post is the NON-SMOKING part! Whoohoo!! I'm a year (and a few days) ahead of you, but it is the VERY best thing I ever ever did!
Congrats to you!

Posts? 915 Comments? 8455


How about 915 posts and 8080 comments?


Lizzy B

Congratualtions on all of those milestones! Hmm, I'm going to guess 917 and 8227.

Sarah R

8312 comments and 916 posts.

Of course, if you lure out more lurkers like me....the comments could be way higher.

And your head vase over there in the left hand column? I had one exactly like it when I was a kid - we're talking 40+ years ago. I thought it was so elegant with its pearls and pearl earrings. My mother had a different perspective, however, and it "disappeared" during a move. Can't say I'd want one now, but seeing it here gives me a little nostalgic thrill.


hmm... I'll guess 916 posts and 8086 comments by March 21. I've never been very good at the "jelly-beans in a jar" style contests, but who knows, maybe this time!

pamela wynne

another long-time lurker showing myself to say congratulations!

and to guess... 915 posts and comments.


Happy Blogiversary! And Salutations. And Congratulations. And any other "ations" that you can think of on being smoke free and happy. :)


I'm gonna guess 915 posts and 8052 comments.

congrats on all the anniversaries!


My guess is 916th post with 8225 comments. Congrats on the NO smoking (except for your knitting) and being such a great blogger. I read you daily even if I don't leave a comment every time. But I can never pass up a contest.


Congratulations on the no smoking! What an excellent testiment to the benefits of blogging!!

And as for my guesses - 919 posts and 8765 comments.


My guess is 916 posts, 8128 comments.


My guess is 916 posts, 8128 comments.


916 posts and 8300 comments.


Congrats on the blog anniversary...pointed in your direction by Cara. Great blog and going to tool around some more and read. My guess is 917 posts and 8222 comments.


My guess is 715 posts and 8100 comments... I like your entry best though, with such a strong testimonial on how blogging has improved your life. I am so glad I found you, right about the time you needed support through your family's crisis, and have enjoyed reading you regularly ever since. Maybe we should compare notes on procrastinating; I could have you beat.


Whoa!!! Ok, I'll guess 916 posts and 9999 comments (because you surely have a popular spot and an interesting blog!).

Nichole R.

I'm going to say 916 posts and 8059 comments.


914 posts, and 8,640 comments


I'll say 917 posts and 8013 comments


As likely the most recent discoverer of your blog (thanks to a link from Cara) I won't deserve to win (I'll still guess though just for the fun of it - 916 posts and 8365 comments) so really am only commenting to say how very very happy I am that you and your sister were able to quit and stay that way. I lost both my father and my brother to lung cancer and so I spend a lot of time silently hoping each smoker I see is on their very last cigarette so that their families don't have to deal with that. Bravo to you!


Many congrats, particularly the giving up smoking, but also the way that blogging has been such a force and support in your life.

I will guess 918 posts and 8173 comments.


My guess is 919 posts, 1012 comments. Congrats on the anniversary!


Congrats on 2 years of being smoke free! I can hardly believe it, but it'll be 10 years for me this June.

Rosi G.

924 posts and 8114 comments


914 posts and 8145 comments


Doesn't being Smoke-free Feel and SMELL good? Congratulations, it's a great thing!

my guess: 916 posts and 9090 comments.



I'll guess 915 with 9054.
Congratulations! Happy Spring.


Posts 918 Comments 8210 Come on spring--in the middle of a northeastern storm


I am guessing 915 posts and 8100 comments.
Congrats on the milestones too!


Congrats on the anniversary!
915 posts and 8104 comments.


917 posts and 9925 comments?


Hmmmm perhaps you could count the number of delurkers per contest?

Congrats on the milestones!

918 posts and 8109 comments.


918 posts, 8111 comments
xxooxx to you!


915 posts and 8111 comments.


Hi Vicki, long time reader, first time commenter. Okay, I'm not very good with these guessing games, but it is St. Patricks day and I do have a wee bit of Irish heritage so I'll make a stab at it 'cause I really liked the cables untangled book when I perused it at the book store. So here goes...918 posts-8,125 comments.


Congrats on quitting smoking! What a wonderful gift to yourself and to your family.
As for the numbers.... I'm guessing 919 posts and 8140 comments :)


916 and 8116
Happy happy and congrats!


I guess 916 and 8180. Congratulations!


I'll guess 916 posts and 8130 comments.



Two huge milestones. Congrats--especially on being smoke free! That's something to be really proud of.

I'm going to guess 917 posts and 8214 comments.

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