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Mid-week update

Wednesday is normally my day off, but not this week.  My alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. this morning and, being Wednesday, my body did not want to get up.  I vaguely recall that there were some good (but, apparently, not alarming) tunes on the clock-radio and I didn't actually throw back the covers until nearly 6:00.  There was barely time to make coffee (I can't believe I actually debated), definitely not enough time to take project progress pics.

I wasn't really going to blog today.  Instead, I was checking and updating the "Wisconsin Resources" list (right sidebar) because, you know, it's only a work in progress if I keep working on it.

Later... after emerging from the vortex...

It never fails.  It begins by clicking the link for Knitter's Treat/The Dining Room at 209 Main, and then the Current Textile Display.  I get mad at myself because I don't remember to check this out on a regular basis -- it's always so interesting.  By the time I get to what's coming and what was, I start to wonder about the employment picture and real estate market in Monticello.

I ended up adding an entirely new list called "Feeling Festi" -- Sheep, Wool & Fiber Festivals in my general area -- Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan (lots in Michigan!), even Ohio and, of course, NY.  That's been on my mind for a while.



Feeling Festi!?! I love it!

Erin B

Festival local N. Illinois
This year I think I might go!


Wow, Vicki! I never knew there were so many festivals so close! How to choose, how to choose? Why choose!?! snicker, snicker...


Thank you for maintaining these great resource lists! I found a great little shop in Milwaukee (practically in Wawautosa), called Kro-sha -- . It's become my favorite LYS and it's right on a bus line. Convenient!

Ann K.

Stitches Midwest? Is that considered a festival? I believe that event is early in August in Chicago, IL (Rosemont, IL) and I plan on going! Yahoooo!! I hope it's all that I've heard it is.... :) If interested.. The more the merrier!!


Thanks for all the great information, Vicki. As a fellow Wisconsinite, I truly appreciate it! I’m going to the Fiber Fair in Cedarville on April 21, actually. I’m really looking forward to it.


Feeling Festi? I love it. Anytime I'm in need of a fiber festival I'll check here!


Time at Sheherds Harvest is what I ask for for Mothers Day every year. The son of many allergies can't come - but the daughter & the husband come along and don't bug me one bit while I pet all of the pretty yarn. And maybe buy a bit....

kathy b

Thanks so much for the fiber festival link. I really think it is a great resource. I live north of Chicago. Thanks again

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