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--I need a vacation.  I have never before in my entire life wanted to go to Florida or Mexico or Hawaii or the Caribbean or Jamaica or... any other place that's all about sunshine and nothing but the beach...  Oh, I have had a desire for the warm lately and I've had it something fierce.  I want to feel warm sand on my back and sunshine on my face, I want it wrapped around my shoulders.  (I'm tired of wearing turtlenecks.)  I'm sure it has everything to do with 1) a co-worker having just returned from a) a vacation in Colorado (granted, no beach, but there was fun on -- and here began the slide -- the slopes), b) another vacation in Florida, c) a vacation (next week) in the Bahamas cancelled (oh, boo-hoo) in favor of a vacation in Italy (oh, boo-hoo-hoo); 2) another co-worker a) basking in the sunshine of... I forget, but it's way south of here and he's there right now, soaking it up as we speak, b) going on a Caribbean cruise next month; 3) another co-worker going to the Bahamas next week...

It looks like partly cloudy and 54F/12C on Saturday is the best I'm going to do here in the foreseeable future.  Maybe it'll feel warmer on the deck if the wind's just right and the house acts as a windblock.  Or maybe I could do something out there with foil to reflect and maximize the sunlight.  ; )

And if I do that, maybe my next "vacation" will be somewhere else entirely where the "cabana boys" wear long white coats and the "massage tables" have restraints...

--I have not forgotten about my Latvian mittens.  As soon as I finish the baby sweater (half-way through the first, quick sleeve), I'll finish off those thumbs.  They're not going to fit me, but they'll fit the girls.  I will knit another pair.  I am thrilled with the improvement in stranding and tension since I began and have high hopes for the next pair, whatever they may be.

--I am a big fan of Lean Cuisine and now more than ever.  Have you seen/tried the new entrees with more vegetables?  The only one I've tried so far is the Butternut Squash Ravioli and I absolutely love it.  "Tried" isn't even accurate, I've had it numerous times (at least six) since first spotted in the freezer.  I'd love the traditional ravioli with more veggies, too; zucchini and mushrooms come to mind as good possible additions.  Grilled Chicken Primavera is next on my list to try, followed by the Sesame Stir Fry with Chicken.

--So this is my life these days.  On Friday night, at about 10:00 (right on time, I might add), I spotted my nephews on the back porch.  Katie happened to be coming into the kitchen at the time and I remarked that the boys were here and she said, "The boys are here?  I didn't know they were coming!!"  At about 11:00 (same night), as the boys are heading into the living room, getting ready for bed, there's a knock at the front door.  My sister opened the door and it was Ali who said, "Oh, I'll bet you're sleeping in my room!"  Apparently, she didn't know they were coming either.  She got kicked out of the dorm because of Spring Break and some plans made previously did not pan out, so she came home.

--Knitting out tonight for the second time.  I think I could use it.



Knitting out? But the party is *clearly* at your place. :)


I got a place for you! Come on down!


Dis - ney - world. Dis - ney - world!


St. Thomas would be great, too. The sound of the waves on the sand, warm water, warm sand, flip flops.....umbrella drinks. *g*


I am not normally a hot weather kind of person either, but sometimes the chilliness makes me hanker for warmth (sand optional). Here's hoping for rapid spring warming.


I'm all for heading somewhere warm and tropical. And having a cabana boy bring me a pina colada wouldn't be bad, either.


I love those lean cuisine meals. They're always tasty and quick and help with calorie control.

Life is short - take that vacation.


YES! Vacation sounds so good right now...I can feel the sun, smell the water.. if only.
This time of the year is rough in the north.. cabin fever sets in big time.


Hmmmmm, so a vacation to Utah is out? We're all in need of a change, methinks.


DUDE! I have GOT to try that Lean Cuisine! When you're out in the sun - DON'T FORGE SUNSCREEN! ;-)


You have my permission to go south, as far as necessary to find sun and sand. I've never gone south in the spring either. Maybe I should have that as a goal before I turn 60.


It's because we live in the North. Really. We desire sunshine and warmth just March 20th. I wish you were a part of Special Swap...we could have sent you on a virtual vacation next month! Try a few hours of naked tanning under fake UV's.


Charleston is lovely this time of year. It's been in the 70's and 80's most of the week, without the gasping humidity that settles in during the summer. The azaleas are blooming, and the LYS downtown is having a sale. :) :)


Ooohh.. butternut squash ravioli sounds really tasty. I'll have to look for that one! Thanks for the heads up!

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