Friday -- freefalling toward the weekend
Peas, please

Saturday sky through pergola


Today's Saturday sky was very gray.  There was a change in the weather (or something) that caused a severe pain in my head.  It was so bad that I actually went back to bed after breakfast, which included ibuprofen, but that almost hurt worse.

Dsc00010 Dsc00013

By noon, my head was fine -- the rain never appeared, and it was a lovely day to experience spring.  Aaaahhhhhhh.  It feels so good!



It was 82 with sunny skies here in Kentucky today. It didn't break a record and more spring-like weather will be back by next weekend. It feels like we jumped right into summer!


Sorry about the headache. While I love spring the best, I can relate to the effects the changing weather has on my health!
We have snow again. Ugh.


You found 'something' in the garden! I don't want to tell you what our day looked like here. But we do have snow coming on Wednesday.


Glad you're feeling better.


We got our thunderstorm today and the warm warm temps are coming with it. You see? A few days behind.
( I hope I don't get the headache now too!)

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