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Dsc09915I did a little stash-diving the other day.  I was looking for a list I'd made about two years ago that matched up yarn to project.  At the time, there was a baby on the way and I'd stocked up for some wee knitting at an LYS inventory reduction sale.  Well, Mack will be 2 in June, but there's another niece/nephew due in August, and maybe I can get some of this stuff knit up as intended!  I'm in the market for a small project that has a good chance at success.

One of my stash storage containers is a big, canvas-lined, covered wicker hamper in the living room.  For nearly two years, as I prepared for every dive, I've had to first move two sweaters and a bag of buttons from the hamper.  I'd go in, find what I was looking for (or not), then move the sweaters and buttons back.

The buttons were purchased in June 2005 at Tender Buttons in NYC.

I know.  Procrastinate much?

Well, on Tuesday night, I tossed the sweaters and buttons on my chair, instead, and I am proud to say that, finally, these sweaters are done.

Dsc09916 Dsc09920

The fruit sweater was knit for me by one of my sisters many years ago and I replaced cheap, plastic, dime-store buttons with some gorgeous, made-for-this-sweater ceramic cherry clusters.  I fiddled with placement a little bit, too, so that the checkerboard stripes lined up better on either side of the button band.

The blue sweater... incredibly, this is the first knitting I ever showed here on the blog, with the first yarn I ever bought from Elann, way back in April 2004.  (What was that about procrastinating?)  It would have fit me then... it would have fit me two years ago when I bought the buttons... it does not fit me now.  It fits Katie, though, and (even better) she LOVES it -- and when she wore it to run some errands yesterday, she came back bearing compliments.

I think these two will satisfy my UFO Resurrection requirement for March.

CONTEST UPDATE:  I will accept entries through Sunday, March 18th.  It would help a lot if they were all posted in the comments to this post.  Thanks and good luck!!



I bet it felt great to finish up those 2 items, Katie looks gorgeous in that cardi.


Hooray for you for finishing those two sweaters. I bet you feel great about it.


Look at you gettin' stuff done! Must be spring clearing;-)


HOLY MACKEREL! (why are mackerels holy, anyway?) I can see WHY Katie got compliments on that sweater. It is a most lovely blueberry color to match her hair and complexion, and perfectly shapely and soooo wonderful. Go you!


Those buttons ARE the most perfect, aren't they? Katie looks great - I think she's looking a lot like you these days.


love the blue sweater - what pattern is that?


Doesn't it feel good to finish old projects? I just recently finished a sweater that I started just over a year ago, which is nothing compared to your recent accomplishment. But it was the second sweater that I started and I am so glad that I finally finished it. Congratulations on the finished objects!


Two finished!!! That would have *me* satisfied, for sure. Lovely photo of Katie in the sweater. Made for each other, I would say.

Thanks for your support, Vicki. It was a long day today and it is really nice to do something normal (read lovely blogs) for a bit. I'm sure I'll sleep tonight as I made sure I did the proper thing at the wake (i.e. raise a glass or two).


Gorgeous sweaters! Wish I had a sister who knits.


Good for you for finishing -- I always end up frogging UFOs. And the blue sweater looks terrific on Katie!


The sweater looks fantastic on Katie! Kudos to you for finishing, Vicki. And happy blogiversary wishes to you. Thanks for being you and for the gift that brings to all of us who come here to share in your life.

Cindy B

Hey I remember seeing that cherry button sweater on this blog. Buttons!!! Yeah Vicki. Love the blue cardigan, it fits her like a dream.

Cindy D

Yes UFO resurrection is the best!!! Katie looks great in the blue sweater. It complements her blue eyes.


I just love love love that red hair with the blue sweater!

Greeting from a fellow redhead from Germany

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