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I had a wonderful, heartfelt post written today (started yesterday) -- almost finished -- when POOF, it was gone and it had been far too long since I'd saved.  I've tried to resume and resurrect, but it's not happenin'.  Perhaps the part that lived will one day be a different post (I was kind of going off in different directions, anyway, like I do), so for now...

I've been very busy lately -- for months and weeks and days and days and days -- doing some work for my husband.  I never intended to have him here, on my blog, in any way other than he's been -- pounding nails, doing a little cooking, away on a business trip, helping to hold things together around here.  I am proud of what I've done to help showcase his work, though, and I feel compelled to share it this one time, to toot our horn.  I toot a lot of horns around here, but not usually the one that means the most to me.  Here's what I've been doing on so many of my "days off"...

Duallogo  Project1

The sticking point for so long has been resurrecting/re-inventing the online shopping part of his website, Oceans and Dreams, and I believe it's been a much larger monster in my mind than in reality, but I think I've got it now (I won't know for sure 'til an order is placed).  His name is Lee Mothes and he's an artist, a painter, working mostly in watercolors, but also oil and acrylic.  Another big thing, fairly new and mostly my idea, is the Rusty's Beach blog, about his childhood and inspiration (he writes, I edit and post) and, in conjunction with that, an experimental CafePress store.  When he was a teensy, tiny baby, his mother saw a little glint of red in his hair and he's been known as "Rusty" ever since.  Lastly, and thankfully, someone else is doing most of the online work for New Island, an idea that has taken a lot of his time and energy over the past several years, to the detriment of almost all else, at times, but has maybe found its place.

My next few days off will be spent online... with TurboTax.

The knitting will be back tomorrow.  I'm still working on the mitten, but I've started something new.  If anyone has a stash/source that might yield some Noro Blossom in Color #6, Lot D, I might be interested.



Congratulations on all your hard work! I can't wait to read the blog! I'm spending next week with Turbo Tax too. Bleh.


What a lot of work, Vicki. It looks great and I'm sure it will be a success.


Congratulations! We'll have spread ye old word, as it were;) Isn't Turbo Tax the best? I don't know how I did it all on paper and calculators all those years!


Say WHAT?! Your husband is an artist? I keep wondering if I'm on the wrong blog, and if not, how come I did not know that already. The work is beautiful (what I've seen of it...I have to go get ready for work and will come back later for a better look). I wish I had some disposable income, 'coz I'd be ordering!


I noticed a shawl with Noro Blossom #6 on this blog:

Perhaps she has some leftovers?


Vicki! You've been keeping secrets;-) DH is a wonderful artist...I had no idea. You've been working hard and deserve a toot, too!


Good stuff, girl! I was thinking along those lies myself,mmm.
I was expecting to see the finished mittens but all in good time1


I just paid a visit to Rusty's beach.

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