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April 22nd

Project1And she is twenty-two.

And that is also plenty.

Happy Birthday, Katie.  I love you.

Dsc09919_2At quick glance, Katie shares her birthday with plenty of sports figures and musicians, some politicians and rulers, a few scientists and writers.

She also shares it with Earth Day!  She has no spings-immediately-to-mind qualifier for The BBC -- she's more likely a member of its possible counterpart, let's say The GBC, wherein Earth Day might vie with Arbor Day...

Katie's path, at present, is decidedly in the arts -- with a side of good Seattle-based coffee slinging.  She also has a wonderful sense of style and that may figure into her future somehow, too.  There are some exciting possibilites on her horizon.

The sun's just coming up.

Get thee to Home Depot today for one of the 1,000,000 CFLs they're giving away in honor of Katie's birthday Earth Day.



Hi Vicki,
Has Katie ever been told she looks like Merel Streep (I guess that's how she spells her name)? In her birthday picture, she looks just like her, in my opinion. Happy Birthday, Katie.


Happy Birthday!!


She's another beautiful daughter, Vicki! You do good work. ;-)


Happy Birthday Katie!


My goodness they have birthdays so close together! She's lovely, as well, and how adorable as a toddler. I'm already seeing how quickly they grow and mine are only 4.5 and 2. Happy Birthday Katie!


Happy Birthday, Katie! This is your "magic" birthday (the day and your age are the same) so you get two wishes today. Use 'em well!


This is the artist red headed daughter I met. She's a real sweetie and I know you love her to pieces, just as you do the others!! Happy 22 Katie!!

Teresa C

It's Katie's Golden Birthday! 22 on 22! Hooray.

Man, oh Man. How does this happen? My redhead will be 22 on the next 22. These birthdays are so bittersweet, aren't they?


Hope Katie had a fabulous birthday.


Jeeze Vicki, you make beautiful kids! Happy Birthday Katie! Where DOES she get those gorgeous sweaters? ;)


I hope it was grand! Happy Birthday Katie!


Happy Birthday (and Earth Day) Katie!

Lisa In Oregon

My oldest is turning 21 and is also a redheaded, artistic gal....The pic and post made me smile.....


Your beautiful redhead looks especially fetching in that lovely blue handknit :) Why, there must be a knitter in her family!

HB2U, Katie!

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