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Main Street Art Works.  Some wonderful people and artists.  Member Sarah Birschbach's show opened last night.  A good time was had by all.  There was a hint of another item on my weekend calendar in the framed piece by Mary O'Leary.

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For Mim's Meme:  My first nickname, "Mouse," was given by my dad; he called me Mouse well into adulthood and then one day I noticed that he wasn't anymore.  I chalked it up to being a disappointment in one area or another, or it was a result of some particular thing I'd done, and so I was not worthy of an endearing nickname anymore.  It bothered me, maybe, a little bit... but, you know, I just can't delve too deeply into that quagmire or I may never come back -- besides, at the time, there were diapers needing to be changed constantly (not mine) or juice boxes that needed to be opened or someone wanted a story read.  Not going there.  Then one day, several years later, perhaps after I'd done something to redeem myself or maybe old habits just never really do die, I heard it again.  "Mouse."

My brother couldn't say Vicki, so he called me Ficki; my youngest sister couldn't say it either, and she called me Gicki.  Now they all sometimes call me Gick.  "Hey, Gick, how's it going?"

After Mouse, Ficki, Gicki and Gick, the other most commonly used nickname would have to be Vicki-toria.

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For pure, full-color inspiration, have you seen The Walker Treasury Project blog?  I found the Schoolhouse Press edition of Barbara G. Walker's Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book (enjoy the scroll-down) on a recent thrift store excursion and, of course, it came home with me.  It's FABULOUS!

If you happen to one day come to this blog and see something that looks suspiciously like a granny square, something that makes you wonder if you're really at knit-orious or did you mistakenly go to crochet-itorious, the award blame goes to (the very inspirational and gonna get me in trouble one day but I'm not going alone - someone's coming with me - mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha) Purl Bee blog and posts (with all the links!) such as this.

Though the next thing you're likely to see/read about here will be quilting of the Gee's Bend variety.  I'm off.



The first knitting classes I took were based on BW Afghan book. Just working up the squares taught me so much about knitting technique. It is a great book.
My grandfather called me Sadie. That's the only nick name I've ever had. I think he called my mom that, too.


I'd be glad to welcome you aboard the granny-wagon. I became so entranced that I taught myself to crochet and have 42 cotton squares in the most fun colors for a baby blanket. Even Jane at yarnstorm has not been able to resist and seems about to add a granny to her ripples.


Hey, I am a friend of the official Art-o-mat. (www.artomat.org) I'm a little sad that this artist chose to borrow the idea for her art show. My friend Clark Whittington has made the Art-o-mat project his life's work for the past 10 years and has trademarked the name as an art vending project. I'm sorry to be a party pooper. It looks like your friend does beautiful work and I'd urge her to change the name of her vending project in future shows.


I have removed pictures of an art vending machine and would like to clarify that it is not the work or project of any particular artist nor was it part of a show.

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