April 25th
Welcome to Squaresville

No pink!

My most recently finished square -- purple, lime green and maroon -- is my new favorite and it's shaken everything up!  One thing is clear...

Dsc00020 Dsc00021

The pink must go!!  The smaller, unifinished, two-color square was bordered in pink, but I've already ripped it off and will re-do it in another color.  I have another, more dusty pink that I might use instead... or maybe a different color altogether.  I really thought the bright pink would complement or balance the lime green, but it's just too hot.  This is turning out to be a little bit of a trial-and-error project -- and I love it!

Early yesterday morning I tried to roll over from my right side to my left and was jolted awake by a very sharp pain in my right shoulder.  Now, I have aches and pains everyday, it's just a matter of degrees, and I've learned to manage things pretty well.  For over 20 years, I've had carpal tunnel-ish wrist problems, and tennis elbow-ish elbow problems, and various neck/shoulder/upper back/lower back aches; I know to expect a bit of stiffness, that my hand and arm may feel a little numb or tingle on occasion, sometimes at night, I also know when to back off, when to stretch and when it's time for medication.

The sharp pain is disconcerting.  Not being able to raise your arm over your head is disconcerting.  It is much better today -- I can actually do a lame sort of windmill -- and I think it was mostly the result of sleeping on it wrong (though how that happens after 48+ years of practice -- something I do at least once every 24-hour period -- is beyond me), but I think the crocheting -- and perhaps especially crocheting with cotton -- have a featured role.  I sit differently when I crochet, definitely have a lot more wrist action going on than when knitting, and I think I may use my shoulder more -- or differently.  It's a whole different thing.  I took a lot of breaks last night to stretch and will continue to be careful, but I probably won't go too far in the hooking business.

Thank you for all the wonderful encouragement, advice, support and understanding in regards to my little chickies stretching their wings and flying the coop.  I've had some trial runs with this, taking Katie to school in California, sending her off for a semester of study in England -- heartbreaking (mine), clucking at full volume, feathers flying -- but the "school" part gave those a different spin.  Actually, I think I do most of my freaking out on the inside -- or here on the blog -- I don't really freak out much on the outside... too much... I don't think I do.  Well, maybe a little.  I do try to project confidence in their reasoning, decisions and abilities, I attempt to gently guide them, if needed, and especially keep communication open, keep a level head.

I especially smiled when it was suggested that perhaps friendly knitters in Seattle could be enlisted to keep a watchful eye -- because don't think for a second that I didn't bring that up within two minutes!!  I've told them all that I know people EVERYWHERE!!  And isn't that just the most amazing thing?  I couldn't say that when I took Katie to college in California -- if that trip were made today, you can bet I'd be stopping in SLC to see Margene and the Utah Grrls instead of just filling up my gas tank, visiting with Birdsong as we traversed the hills because we could have made it "on the way."  It's incredible -- one of those times that truly blows my mind, when I realize what a wonderful myriad we are -- all as a result of blogging about our knitting and other important things.



I'm so glad that (and I quote):
"I probably won't go too far in the hooking business."

Killing me today - just killing me ;)


ooooh---I hope your shoulder feels better soon! I noticed that I hold myself differently when I crochet too! And with carpal tunnel and tennis elbow already you don't need an injury to your shoulder--who knew that the fiber arts could be so dangerous?


Hope the shoulder pain is gone for good! And this community we have formed is a strong one. It's great that we have each other.


I swear, some days we inhabit the same body. Hooking has made me very careful of how I sit and work...more breaks, better posture, etc. It is a whole different set of muscles and cotton would only exacerbate the problem, me thinks. I too have had fun picking colors and discarding, adding...it's so much fun!
Now I'm hoping one of your grrls ends up heading to CA (or Utah?). It would be fabulous to have you come out this way.

pamela wynne

Yep, the pink will have to become something else -- and the new square is my favorite, too!

Like Margene, I suffer from some of the same aches and pains -- can't crochet for too long at a stretch. Ibuprofen, though, has changed my life. :)


I'm ashamed to admit that my first thought was that we could all meet in Seattle! I know, I know. Chicago first!


Sorry about the shoulder pain - I guess I never noticed a difference between knitting and crochet positions, but you're right, there is one! Huh, the things you learn here! It's wonderful how we all look out for not only each other, but each other's family too!


Get well soon. Your granny squares look great. I agree that maybe a dusty pink might be better.


Your granny squares look great! I agree the bright pink just wasn't meant to be with the others for this project.

For your shoulder, you may want to consider using ice packs on your upper back/neck. The same thing happened to me when I started a new craft and my PT said it originated in my back due to the way my back muscles assisted my neck muscles, and so on. I never would have *grokked* that myself but the ice packs helped. JMHO Feel better!


I agree...and I don't think you even need the pink or a color to sub for it. They look great, Vick. I've been having such fun with this pattern!


My last camping trip I made the mistake of sleeping on my side and ended up with shooting pains down my arm when I would move it just the right way. A few nights of ice and Advil and it went away. But I learned my lesson :)

Love the squares!


Love the granny square. Have been thinking for awhile that it would be a good project to use up all my left over sock yarn. I started doing the plain old regular granny square, but love the square you are doing. Where did you find the pattern? Thanks for any help.

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