Play me
Hooker plays hooky

Back in black

Dsc00231_3 well I'm back in black
yes I'm back in black
back in the back of a Cadillac

--excerpt from Back In Black, AC/DC

Last night, while stars danced before my eyes, all the various methods for joining crocheted squares became clear when I actually consulted a reference book -- and not a single one was anything like the foggy vision in my mind.  It seems the best way to achieve a black border around each square is to... crochet a black border around each square!



The black rocks!
So does AC/DC for that matter.


I really like the color combinations of your squares! I am curious to see what fabric you go with for a lining. With all of these squares showing up in the blogosphere, I am itching to learn more crochet to make one for myself!


Our local high school football team had "Back in black" as their theme song when they ran out onto the field for each game this year. Boy was I having some AC/DC flashbacks.

I've been coveting this bag since I saw your squares. Just picked up the pattern/magazine yesterday and am on my fourth square so far.

I spent some time last night playing with colors and contemplating a black border for mine as well. Lo and behold, I click over to your blog this morning and voila! My imaginings are made real. I think the black looks fabulous!

Mine is significantly more pastel than yours, so maybe no black. I can definitely see myself making another one of these bags, heaven knows I have the stash for it!


That just makes way too much sense. ;-)


Doh! Well, at least you had the smarts to figure it out before you tried it the other way. That is going to look just fabulous!


Your bag squares are looking great, I love the black.


The black really sets the squares. They are looking great...can't wait to see the bag. :)


Way to make it your own baby!! Love that bag.

Cindy B

The black really makes them pop! Can't wait to see the finished product. BTW I loved Flat Vicki.


The black sets off the colors so nicely, doesn't it? Your blocks are looking great!


This would be why you are one of my favorite blog buddies. Only coolest people can connect granny squares and AC/DC!

The squares look fantastic, and the black border really brings the colors out.


I really like your colours and pattern. Instead of stitching the squares together, I have crocheted them, alternating stitches from each square. That gives me a border at the same time. I run in step-wise diagonals across the afghan and that way get the longest run of yarn I can.
I'm looking forward to a pic of the finished product.



Teresa C

Crochet a black border around each square. Hmmm.... When you put it that way, it seems so obvious.

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