Just another (random) Monday
It snuck up from behind...

Continuing with the randomness on Tuesday

Perhaps it will be an entirely random week.  Dumb ol' Bloglines didn't pick up most of Monday's post 'til Tuesday, anyway, and I don't have any pictures, and I'm just as sick of posting about crochet and pictures of crochet as some people are about reading it.  Not sick enough about doing it, though, apparently, as I can't stop thinking about crochet projects -- even though I did say that I missed knitting, and I do.  I never claimed to be rational about any of this yarn stuff -- what kind I use, the tools I use, the projects and how many there are, the books and patterns -- none of it.

Right after I expressed my happiness at finally finding FAGE yogurt locally, I read yesterday's HungryGirl email where I learned that Stonyfield Farm is making OIKOS Organic Greek Yogurt, which might be a little easier to locate on a regular basis!  Yesterday, I brought the yogurt but forgot the honey.  Today, I've got my little honey teddy bear squeeze.

I was awake in the middle of the night.  Hot and awake, and it happened earlier than usual -- usually, if I awake in the night, it's at 3 a.m., but this was about 1:30.  I was listening to thunder roll for the longest time, then the flashing started, and then BOOM! WISSHHHHH! the storm arrived.  I could not get back to sleep and finally turned on the light and read for a while.  Very unusual.  I'm reading Astrid & Veronika by Linda Olsson for book club tomorrow night.  I am enjoying it a lot so far, more than I expected to, but I won't be finished.  I am very tired -- it comes in waves -- and I'm a little on the distracted side.  This post -- a relatively short post -- has been in the works for hours and hours and hours.  I'm supposed to knit out tonight, but I don't know if I'll be able.

Tomorrow, I'm taking a few things to Ali -- she just called to add "small fan, primer & white paint, paintbrushes, a dropcloth, her Shabby Chic sheets, and ethernet cable" to the one item -- her vanity -- that was already on my list.  Then we take her car for new tires all around (uh-huh, that's a big ka-CHING!) before she goes to work in the afternoon.  Luckily, we discovered that the problem with the shocks (a noise) was just a stick.  We'll squeeze in lunch at some point.



I have it on very good authority that the person who yelled the loudest about crochet may be regretting her tirade. You'll sleep well tonight!


Oh, I hate that middle of the night storm wake up... Hopefully you get caught up on your sleep tonight!


That was quite the loud storm last night wasn't it? For I while I thought my living room windows were going to crack from the hail.

I think there is no rational with yarn - it's so twisted from the get go.


You've ruined me.


Random is okay. So is crochet and yarn and knitting and whatever you want. I love those HungryGirl emails!


YUea - but did you find the bug??


Aw, {{{Vicki}}} - I think it's just hormones, hon. As far as the yarn, you play with it any way you like. It's all good.


Knit, crochet, wrap it around coat hangers. (my great-grandmother used to do that) As long as you take us along for the ride, its all good

Ann K.

Sorry to miss you at Knit Night.. It was fun! Sounds like you've been rather busy though!

Oh yeah.. I've tagged you. Come on over to see what for.... If you don't? You owe me yarn. My choice.



Hope you are feeling better and enjoyed lunch with Ali, not sleeping well is so not funny

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