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I'm still digging in the closets.  This morning, I found a bunch of old wall calendars -- really, really old.  Winnie-the-Pooh, 1978; Gnomes, 1979; The Chronicles of Narnia, 1982; Beatrix Potter, 1984 and 1985; etc.  I packed a lot of info into some of those little squares!  I can probably tell you exactly when I knew I was pregnant and when my doctors appointments were; when the kids got their shots and/or their first teeth and/or said their first word and/or were potty trained; when we closed on our house and when we moved; how long it was between dentist appointments and when I got my first crown.

I also found my high school diploma and my award for typing 70 wpm, and a bunch of old cards -- most of which will be dumped.  The sheet where I played around with "Irish girl names" and their meanings is a keeper, though; it's probably from the second pregnancy but maybe the third.  "Dave" is written in the top right corner of the first page, so that was settled.  Somehow, I thought that the variant spelling of Alison was different than "Allsun," but perhaps I was confusing it with one of her classmates in later years whose name was Aislynn (or something like that), pronounced Eileen.  Gorgeous, no?  Some of the other names I liked:  Ailis, Aindrea, Bevin, Brann, Brighid (var. Bridget), Casidhe (var. Cassidy), Ceara, Eilis, Eister (var. Esther), Siobhan, Mairin, Sosanna.  Also, Kevan, and I must have liked that one quite a bit because I wrote it several times.  I always did like the name Kevin, too.  I considered Regan/Reagan long and hard, also, but guess who was in the White House at the time?  It wouldn't bother me now, but the associations were different in 1987.

I don't find enough old stuff in my own house, I sometimes have to go buy it at Goodwill.  Like this book -- BH&G Crocheting & Knitting from 1977 -- which just goes to show that everything old is new again.

Dsc00380 Dsc00381

Dsc00382What do you think, eh?  Does that not look like Mama Bear's Granny Square Afghan to Baby Bear's Granny Square Babette.  Materials:  4-ply acrylic, straight-up, some variegated -- 2 of navy blue and "an assortment of the same" in different colors.

I think I like it.

Okay, I'm heading back up to the closet.  Not only am I avoiding my sewing machine today, I'm also avoiding Quicken -- just for today -- hoping that the stupidity of my having deleted the working checkbook file wears off (not knowing, of course, that it was the working file because, cripes, I'm using the 2006 version now, not 2003 and it shoulda been okay to delete that junk) and the backup is older than the hills.  Yeah.  Otherwise, it's a great day here and I hope it's the same by you!



I love that afghan - you're right, everything old is new again!

ps. I also loved yesterday's post with the list of names etc. I wonder what ever happened to my list .....


OMG!! I have that same book!! Too funny.


I think I like this old one even better than the new version, it's so beautiful maybe I should reconsider my crochet no no policy, thank you for posting it.


Wow, what prolific closets you have. Much more interesting than mine. My house is seriously lacking in closet space and, thus, I dont' store much old stuff--except for yarn--despite what my husband says!!!


My Quicken has an automatic backup file. Are you on a Mac. If so, do a Find for 'backup' and you may find your file. If you're on Mac and can't find it, e-mail me. On a PC there has to be some similarity.
Good luck


I have that same book, and I have to admit that I really like some of the stuff in it. Don't tell anyone, okay?


Those calendars must be a treasure trove of information. I hope you didn't dispose of them.


What a treasure trove you have! I love your Goodwill find, too...you're right; that afghan is pretty good!


I love that frontmost pillow with the tilted grannies! The afghan is pretty cool too. :) It reminds me of my "crazyghan": http://noricum.blogspot.com/2006/05/crazy-ghan_04.html


My daughter is graduating from 8th grade on Friday so we’ve been putting some things together and I’ve found some pictures and such that I had forgotten we have. It’s fun to find hidden and old, now new, treasures. Thanks for sharing!


I love it when people donate calendars to the archives, it always interesting to track someone life through a calendar. And those lists of names...how fun to revisit the possibilities. Thanks for sharing these memories with us!


I love it when people donate calendars to the archives, its always interesting to track someone's life through a calendar. And those lists of names...how fun to revisit the possibilities. Thanks for sharing these memories with us!


Wow, and I thought I was a pack rat! If you decide you don't want that book, let me know. It was the year my oldest daughter was born. How cool would it be to make her an afghan from that thing. What the heck gets into pregnant women when it comes to naming their kids? My oldest is Kandis. I just couldn't just name her Linda or Mary, no I had to be different. Nobody ever spells it right the first time. I'm lucky she even speaks to me.


Thanks for the memories, Vicki! Isn't it just amazing to discover the things we've saved over the years? Actually, that afghan is pretty cool...again.

kathy b


I typed 70wpm too! I think we are much fast now due to the internet. But don't test me with that typewriter paper and all. Then I get nervous.


That pillow is really cool... hmmmmmmm


I love that afghan -- it's SO groovy!

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