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Dsc00240My normal day off is usually Wednesday (I work full-time, but four long days rather than five shorter ones) and so it was this week.  Late in the day on Wednesday -- one of those days that flew right by and I didn't get a darn thing done -- well, that's not true, I did one very big shower/tub/tile cleaning job in preparation for new caulking and a couple of other small things, including making up and cooking supper -- but no laundry, or vacuuming or scrubbing or any of that real stuff -- so anyway, late in the day, I decided that I wouldn't mind having another.

The thing about having a day off every week -- one that can and often does float back to Monday or ahead to Friday, sometimes the two floaters combining to make a four-day weekend without my having to "burn" a vacation day -- is that I don't "burn" vacation days very often and so I have some... almost to burn, but not really burn because vacation days are like money, you know, you never have enough.  ; )

On Thursday, I did get some laundry done.  I hung it on the line and then I discovered my new favorite place to fold the laundry -- outside under the pergola.  I have hung clothes on that line -- and loved it [L is for Laundry (on the line), N is for Nightgowns] for over 20 years, but always had to haul it back inside to fold it.  Oh sure, I'd sometimes try to neatly tri-fold a shirt or wrestle a queen-size sheet using the edge of the laundry basket and my knee as a "table," but the results (not to mention how I must have looked) were laughable.  Another plus for the pea-planted pergola!

Dsc00245 Dsc00249

I took some time to point out the Blue Angel hostas again -- the very same one I pointed at a week ago or so, having barely broken the surface.  I also took time to inhale the lilacs.  I have one very, very old lilac bush, the lone survivor of what was once (I'm told) a long hedge, and this is one of its better years.  I got a lot of other things done and feel much better about the day's progress.  It's back to work on Friday.

Dsc00242Dsc00243 Dsc00244

My work with the squares is done.  After I photographed these, thinking I was finished, I realized that I mis-read (or didn't read at all) and still needed yet another row of single crochet around both rectangles.  Ugh, but I finished that off tonight and the sides are complete.  The next part is the strip for the sides and bottom.



Your garden is beginning to look great as always, I love your new pergola.
Have you chosen lining for your bag?


Don't you love a day off? Your squares look great....looks like you are just a day off from finishing that bag!
And the lilacs? Mmmm...ours are just about to burst and I can almost smell them now!


All this lovely crochet is making me itch to learn. It's enchanting.


those squares are making me crazy!!


Your squares look great! I just sent Cecily an email yesterday to join the CAL, and ordered my yarn last night. Your blog has definitely made it onto my most read list!


The squares are FANTASTIC! I love them!


I used to work 4 10-hour days and liked having that "extra" day off, only I did 4 in a row and then had 3 off every week. But that got too killer for me. Wonder if I would do better with 2 on - 1 off - 2 on.

Glad you were able to get so much accomplished!


I might actually enjoy laundry if I could hang it to dry and fold it in the pergola. Your squares look great with the black edging! I'm 1/3 of the way done with the bottom/ goes quickly.


I've been taking my laundry out to the porch to fold it. I just love the cool feeling it has when I' putting it away. Hmmmmmmmmm.


I love days off - especially week days when no one is home but me.


My heart aches for a garden like yours. I used to have a "mature" yard & garden with all its troubles and all its beauties - and now I have brand new subdivision garden & it is not what I dreamed of. I think I'll buy some lilacs after Shepherds Harvest this weekend.

pamela wynne

I'm LOVING these squares!


beeyoooteeful squares!!


Love the squares! They are so cheerful.

I miss lilac. It is one of my favorite flowers. Unfortunately, it is too warm here for lilacs.

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