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Okay, so, I crocheted the band and counted rows but didn't measure.  I sewed it onto one side and, of course, it came up short.  Could have been a problem with the counting, more likely it was gauge.

I frogged it all and picked up stitches all around from the right side with a trusty 8US circular knitting needle.  ("H" crochet hook = 8US knitting needle.)  I knit a few rows and then decided that, in this case, the nice little ridge made from the picking up would be better on the outside.

I frogged it again and picked up stitches all around from the wrong side and knit a few rows.  That's where it stands.  The difficulty in photographing the work in black is similar to the difficulty in working it, plus I feel like I've been working it forever, and blahblah rough yarn and blahblah sore hands and blahblahblah I'll git 'er done.  Nose to the grindstone.

What else is new?  Oh yeah, I've been talked down from the rollerblades, at least in regards to "walking" my small but very powerful dog who is not a good listener, who is ruled only by her nose, and who has nearly yanked my arm from its socket and pulled me off balance with my feet flat on the ground never mind being on wheels.  I don't even have rollerblades or a helmet or wrist-, elbow-, knee-pads (and I'm thinking that a full-length bubble-wrap suit might be the way to go, anyway) and thinking that there are better uses for that money (such as wool) and I'd be more successful with the dog in the long-term if I just picked up the pace while walking.  And get out and do it.  Thanks for all the advice (and warnings).

HeartAll weekend long, I thought about Chelsea's "Flower Week" post on Friday, but I never took a picture.  Here's an oldie-but-goodie -- a Flower Week placeholder -- that I use as wallpaper on my computer from time to time (when I'm not using pictures of the girls or a spectacular photo from Katie's UK/Europe trip last year or an irresistably cute snapshot of Mack).  I'm taking half the day and heading up to my brother's to spend the afternoon with him, one of my sisters, and our dad.  Tomorrow, I'm taking half the day and hosting Dad for a visit at my house (the only time the girls can all be there).  I'll be looking for flowers -- today, I might also find llamas.



The black is looking good! So you're knitting the borders, not crochet? Hmmm.

I'm glad you gave up on the rollerblades. Sounded WAY scary.


I am all set to start picking up and knitting the sides/bottom of my bag ..... yours is looking good!

ps. also glad you are giving up the Roller Derby Queen Dream.


My stitches didn't match up either, so I had to gather the band in while crocheting. If I make another LTL, I will make a count of the # of sitches around and crochet the same number of rows in single crochet to match.


I had some waiting around to do today and no knitting, so took my little crochet book, some cotton and a hook and made a little flower circle, now see what you have started!!
Hope you had a fun afternoon, I love your bleeding heart pictures, so lovely.


Here's an idea: invent a yarn that is a pleasing, easy-to-see-and-photograph color when on the needles but that turns black when you are done. Every knitter over 40 would snap it up.

Glad you gave up on the rollerblades. Just think how unhappy you would have been if you had broken a wrist and couldn't knit or crochet!

btw, have you ever tried a Gentle Leader on your dog? It is a little harness-like thing that goes around the dog's snout and neck and that you attach the leash to. It somehow redirects the pressure from the leash so that it comes from the opposite direction, which [silently, magically, cruelty-freely] causes the dog to stop pulling. Although it goes over the snout, the dog can still open its mouth to bark, eat, drink, or pant. Google "'gentle leader' dog" and you will get lots of hits that will describe it better than I can and provide photos.

The Gentle Leader was recommended to us by a neighbor who always has 3-5 rescue dogs and who is the kindest person on the planet. We got one for our Lucy, who never learned to walk on a leash. It means we can now take her on walks without the pulling and power struggles that used to occur.


Yes, giving up the rollerblade idea was probably for the best. Though it would have been funny to see a bubble wrap clad Vicki barreling down the sidewalk dragging along a poor defenseless dog... Hmm, stay away from the rollerblades!


Knitted borders sounds like a good idea to me. Love the bleeding heart photo.


So - the knitted border won out, eh? I bet you'll be saying "I told you so" in just a few short days here.


I can't wait to see that bag! I may have to start one myself....


OK, so here's the image I've got:

You, bubblewrapped, rolling down a hill just so you can hear the pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop! :-)


Flowers and llamas? Cool place! Seems you're almost done with the bag! I have to try one soon as the string bag is done. I love those pink flowers of yours, really pretty! And yeah, walking is better than roller blading especially with a spastic doggie;) I did like the bubble wrap idea though


Black may be hard to work with and photograph but I bet you're gonna love it live!


Looks great... I am a knitter (and a pretend/newbie... (not sure yet which) crocheter) and the border worked okay for me, but after I finished about 12 inches of the crochet sideband, I gave up. I knitted it in double stranded garter stitch on a size 9 needle (I think) and seamed it to the side as I went. After I had about 30 inches done, I started seaming it and then just kept knitting until I had the right length. This was SO much easier on my hands and my patience... and it looks really nice. I felt a little bad about wimping out on my first crochet project, but I blame Cara for my starting anyway :) So... no big deal, eh? Good luck!

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