Great expectations
"This room is a mess!"

Phun with Photography

Dsc00121 Dsc00122

Dsc00123 Dsc00124

No phurniture was harmed in the taking of these pictures.  Inspired by one of the usual suspects, of course.  You may click for big, as almost always.

My project isn't quite so involved at Cara's, so I just fiddled with the camera settings:  Normal, Black & White, Sepia, Negative.  I've always had a great love for all things sepia and now, in this case, for the negative.  Fascinating -- that the richest and most subdued of colors jumps right out, "look at me, look at me," practically burning your retinas.  And a perfect example of "negative" not always being "bad."  I wish every negative thing could turn out that good.

Dsc00126I finished that entire square at right while knitting out last night, and started the other after returning home.  We met at a new place and I liked it much better -- it was cozier, the lighting was better, the ceiling was lower (acoustics better), and I found the furniture much more comfortable and more my size (not a big fan of the oversized/overstuffed).  We'll be alternating between these two, every other week, at least for now.


Ann K.

The blocks are beautiful.. Phun Photos! LOL!
I liked the new location too... Overall, I think everyone else did too. Too bad they aren't open a little later, I could have sat there for a little longer. The parking was nice too. I like to change it up a bit, it will be interesting to hear other's preferences.... ;)
Happy Knitting.. er... Crocheting!


I too am having fun with the squares...8 down 4 to go! Thankfully I'm not feeling miter madness over them but it sure is fun for a change.


Your squares are phabulous! Photos too:)


Those squares are so tempting, but I am not a hooker, crocheter, whatever... I think the red is so striking with the other colors you have paired it with. I like it!


I love the photos. I might have to have a camera lesson someday to see if mine does phun stuph too!


Your squares are totally phab! :)


Don't you mean "crocheting out"?


Phantastic! (Iwas going to say Phabulous, but Carol beat me to it).


'Phurniture'. Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here giggling quietly to myself.

Love, love, love the sepia.

Vicki Forman

Wait!!! I tried to find information on the Granny Tote but can't find it on your blog. And a pattern for your squares!! I want to do it!!!


Oh, too much fun:) I have been spinning with these squares in mind, but different colors. A good way to use my small amounts of handspun. Now, I am yearning to have Photoshop again. You are such an enabler!


I am loving those square Vicki!


Your squares look great! Would love to have you join the CAL:


Great squares! I'm having a blast making that bag too. I know what you're saying about too-big and overstuffed furniture. Not a comfortable posture (to me) for knitting or whatever needlework you're doing!


AH! The squares are awewome! I wonder if we can find sepia toned yarns to do it? I can't wait to see how you put it all together, Vickie. Cecily has the CAL site up. Oh, duh, I just now see her comment.

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