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Present parade*

The present parade made a prize delivery to my door last week!  I won Kirsten's blogiversary/comment contest at Through The Loops!

Dsc00107 Dsc00108

Dsc00109 Dsc00111

Isn't that a cheerful package?  I shared the Pocky chocolates (loved them -- not too sweet) and also (but more begrudgingly) the MarieBelle Chocolates -- oooh, they were wonderful!  And yarn!  My first Malabrigo -- Kettle Dyed Pure Merino Worsted -- my picture is terrible, it's #224-Autumn Forest (bottom row).

Thanks to all my Ravel(ry)-rousing of late, I already have some ideas about what I can do with that yarn.  That's one of the Ravelry features I can see myself using frequently -- I have this many hanks of that kind of yarn and here's what can be done -- provided all of the information regarding projects and patterns is complete, of course.

It was another slow weekend in Squaresville and I've run out of one of my colors... to substitute another or punt with what I've got is the question of the day.  Check out the Larger Than Life CAL!

*Contrary to the popular belief of Ann, my oversight regarding whether it's a parade or a patrol delivering presents or prizes is not as a result of my skimming -- though I do skim, I always have and always will, and I am not ashamed -- but merely my memory having Cease(d) and Desiste(d).

I also have a chance to say, "Thank You" to Kirsten, which of course I already did personally, but here again, too.

; )



I'm all squared up and will now hook the sides! You certainly have a nice package there!


Just thought I'd pop in to see what you're up to and say Hi!


Um...you might want to change the title of your post. Remember this? http://www.januaryone.com/archives/2006/12/cease_and_desist.php

We'll come visit you in jail. Maybe you'll get a cell with Paris! You could teach her how to knit.


hey Vicki - who's the skimmer now? huh??!

kristi and otis

Holy Crap - you scored the motherload!

pamela wynne

Oh, wow. Really, wow!


Hey Vicki - Thanks for your comment on the mushroom bowl - you are the fifth blogger other than myself to own one. It must have been extremely popular. I would love to see a shot of your daughter's funky jeans if she still has them. I would wear mushroom-bowl jeans in a second. (Hmmmm.... just got an idea.....). I love the larger than life bag that you're making. Although I haven't blogged it yet, I have been crocheting just a little bit and I have that issue of IC. See you on ravelry! xox, J.


Let me get this straight - you SHARED chocolate? Plain old never done around here. Great gifts!


That's a lovely prize package!


Now that's one treat of a package!


Yummy package--- both yarn- and chocolate-wise! Though I don't quite get the c&d ref...I must be too late to see the first title. rats. :-D

Christy / Not Hip

Wow. Count me as jealous...Malabrigo and in an autumnal colorway...beautiful.


ooh...i love that malabrigo. I am not taking enough advantage of that revelry but with the laptop down. it sure isn't helping. whatcha gonna make??


Wow! I am so excited that Ravelry will help with the "I have X # of ____, what can I make". I just the other day said, I think there should be a reference that says, I have yarn that knits to _____ Stitches per inch what can I make. Yeah!


Lovely Presents/Prizes! And I think a Parade is ever so much more fun than a Patrol!

I'm not sure I'd have been nice enough to share the chocolates.


Look at all the pretty things! Don’t you just want to sit and stare at pretty packages and such when you receive them? Very fun.


You're welcome. *again*


Lucky lady! Nice presents patroled upon you.

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