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The last time linked to a 5 Minutes For Mom give-away, there was precious little time to sign up and win the Dyson vac (O, be still my heart... I'd still like one of those!).  This time, there's not only more time, there are more prizes and more chances to win.  I've got my name down for the iPod (so far) -- there can't be many of us iPodless ones left, can there?  Chances should be pretty good!  ; )

Speaking of Mother's Day, we're doing brunch at my house again this year.  I like that I can check the archives to see what I served last year.

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I've been Ravelry-ing... I'm a Ravelry-er?  Ravelrier?  Ravelreer?  I'm doing Ravelry? engaged in Ravelry? Ravel-rousing?  Heh, I'm a Ravel-rouser.  ; )  Anyway, it's loads of fun and I think it will become more and more useful as it gets fluffed up and the content grows.  I've been uploading pictures and working at getting some of my projects up.  This afternoon I want to go over and steal some other people's friends.  Hey, anyone have some spare time they want to send over here?

* * * * *

Back to Wednesday.  When Katie was looking for someone to accompany her to look at apartments -- her future roommate unable to attend -- she asked me if I'd like to go (it, conveniently, taking place on my day off and, well, hm... trip to Madison or clean the bathroom tiles?  road trip or drudgery?).  I said, "Sure!  If we can we stop at a couple of yarn shops on the way."  I had two in mind, specifically, both were kinda-sorta "on the way."

Dsc00184_2I mentioned Maisyknits Yarn Shop on Fond du Lac Street in Ripon the other day, the owner having been in my class at Neenah.  Outside of Fond du Lac Street being one of those Z-shaped streets -- with the East portion not directly connected with the West -- we didn't have much trouble finding the place (a slightly larger map would have helped).  Ripon has an old, quaint little downtown.  It is known as The Birthplace of the Republican Party, is home to Ripon College (a short, but impressive celebrity list of alumni) and also Rippin' Good CookiesMaisyknits has an adorable little storefront with a TON of wall space (a very high, to-die-for tin ceiling) which adjoins a coffee and gift shop.  It's been open for about six months and has a small but growing inventory.  I brought home a lovely, orange hank of Euroflax Linen for a towel.

We found a wonderful bakery and deli for lunch -- Fat Bruce's Bakery and Eating Kitchen.  Katie had the VegMed and I had Chicken Toga from the sandwich menu and they were the best sandwiches we've had in a long time.  We got there just before the noon rush and had a nice table by the window to enjoy the downtown and watch the parade of people coming for lunch -- it got really busy!  We were both very tempted by the bakery and each gave the display case the hairy eyeball, but we were "good."

I wanted, also, to stop at Loose Ends Yarn Shop in Mayville.  Mayville is tinier and older than Ripon, and I've been through there before a few times when I'd visited a distant relative on her farm to share pictures and talk about family history.  I remember thinking, every time, what a cute little town it was and wouldn't it be a nice place to live.  Well, Loose Ends was a little more east than west of our final destination and as we made our way, Katie started to panic and worry that we'd be late for our appointment with the property manager.  It's so hard, when you're on the road, in unfamiliar territory, to keep a grip on time.  So, we veered back west when we hit Waupun and ended up with a half-hour to kill in Madison, but I would really have only had 15 minutes (at best) if we'd continued on to Mayville and we probably wouldn't have spotted the feral Mini Cooper.  If we'd skipped lunch altogether and the appointment had been for 3:00 rather than 2:00, we'd have had time.  It'll have to be next time.

Dsc00182_2Instead, we had time after the appointment and before Mack got home, so we followed our noses to the closest shop I knew, Lakeside Fibers.  We sat down for a few minutes and some refreshment -- Katie had a banana smoothie and I had a cherry juice & seltzer -- and split a Dagoba candy bar (we're "good" but not that "good"), and then I just had to get up and mingle with the yarn.

I found last spring's Interweave Crochet -- the one that Elizabeth so kindly mentioned to me the other day because of the Babette blanket therein.  (Here it is in Purl Bee's project notes.)  There are other things I like, too!  (I do hope Mack has a baby sister!)

I also looked for a couple of things to swatch for my Vintage Vogue #33 project.  Color and fiber content were more important than gauge, since I'll be putting on my thinking cap no matter what, and I brought home Berroco Ultra Silk (color 6115, which might be discontinued as I don't see it on their website - ouch) and Rowan Summer Tweed (color 522-Smolder).  The latest Interweave Knits was waiting when we got home.  It was a really fun day!!



Criminy! I think I've let my IK subscription lapse again.

You sure had a full day - I love hearing about yarn stores.

pamela wynne

cannot spare time. ravelry stole.


I think it's wonderful that you had such a great day together.


I'm hoping to spend some time stealing friends in Ravelry today too!

It's a bit too much fun;)


Ravelry is rather fun...it could waste loads of time but what a great idea.
Smolder is the color I used for Chamomile so long ago.


Great haul! Lovely day with your Katie. Any news on the apartment yet?


Oooh! You are a beta tester for Ravel! Sooo jealous! My extended family is from Ripon and Fond du Lac. Had no idea there was fiber there (other than Red Heart they knit with!).


Wow! It sounds like an amazing time! :)


I'm so glad I read this! I'm going to visit my dad this weekend who lives in Ripon, and my mom and I were already planning on visiting Loose Ends Yarn shop. Loose Ends is great, if you ever get a chance to go there again.


I was spying that Euroflax at my LYS this week...it is pretty nice stuff. I was calculating the cost of a tank top...not going to happen! A towel, maybe!


Three cheers for fun trips to yarn stores!

I am afraid to try Ravelry. I can't keep up with my bloglines subscriptions, how am I going to add another addiction? (But, you know I probably will).


I love Ravelry. It is going to be a huge time suck, but most of the enjoyable things are...

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