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To be honest, the knitting/crocheting/sewing suffered mightily during my four-day weekend.  I'm quite pleased, though, with how all those days turned out and with what I accomplished -- even if some of it wasn't really on my radar.  You know?  It's all got to get done and it's best when I just go with the flow.

Dsc00359 Dsc00361

I'd fully intended to dig into that closet, for instance, but I didn't intend to empty it out completely -- and that's basically what happened!  Just so you know, I am not the only packrat in the house.  DH sorted through last night and in that particular box, he turned up papers dating as far back as 1974 -- his hippie days (no, not those kind of papers) -- and while he got rid of quite a bit, those will remain in the archives.

Dsc00360 Dsc00366

That particular closet, by the way, is of the long, narrow, shotgun variety so often found in older homes.  We once had three, but have reconfigured the other two over the years so that they're more useful.  There are shelves WAY back in that closet, one of them high and deep (requiring a stepstool, because the ceilings are taller than the average bear, too), and they've done quite a good job of holding things these past many years.  Obviously.

Dsc00364 Dsc00365

Gardening was something I did plan on doing all along, especially around the pergola.  We moved some asters, pinks and sedum to make room for stepping stones, which will aid the tending of the big planter box behind the bench, which I've planted full of beans.  There are peas on either side of the bench and now beans behind.  I planted a couple of clematis in the other small box, along with some bellflower, and a hollyhock jumped into the box with 'Vera' while I was at the nursery, too.  And yes, I most certainly do think of Vera (and smile) every time I see it.

We enjoyed a cookout on Memorial Day -- and after enjoying a few meals now in the pergola, it's been determined that we definitely need more outside "table" space!  I think this means that I've found my next, long-awaited mosaic project!



Oh, I love what you've done with the pergola! I'm so excited to see the changes each time you post about it.


Dear Vicki's Pergola, how I covet thee!
Lookin' good V!


I missed you this morning. Hope you're having a GREAT day!


Are those plates under your Pergola? How inventive! I do so love a Pergola. I was married under the one at Duke Gardens in Durham, NC. :)


Ooo, a table for the pergola! What a great project.


What a peaceful place you've created!


I can just see a few us sitting under there laughing and knitting away an afternoon together! We don't even need the table.


You've really been busy. I haven't knitted or crocheted much either lately.

I love lavender. How cool there's a variety named "Vera."


Looking forward to seeing you working on a new mosaic project, your outside area is looking great.


Sounds like an ideal weekend. What a beautiful garden you have!


It pleases me to no end that your husband's papers are going "back in the archives." Seriously. And your gardening skills are up to par with your knitting, color me envious!

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