Oh, baby

Dsc00332_3There's a ton of bleeding heart and wild columbine blooming in the garden right now, a bunch of forget-me-nots and there are flowers on the chives, the garden phlox is starting and the dianthus will soon explode, and there's one lonely -- but big and beautiful -- allium.  It stands very tall over the garden.

I am absolutely delighted to report that I'll actually have peonies blooming this year, also.  I have had couple of transplants in the garden for the past couple of years and they'd always get to a certain point -- I'd see tiny little buds forming -- but never bloom.  This year, they both have three or four very big buds that will undoubtedly open and I'm so excited!

It's the little things... like CAKE!

Dsc00340 Dsc00343

When Nova posted about La Bete Noire, I knew that I could take her word for how good it is (and her photo did a pretty good job of conveying the rich goodness), but I also knew it would be coming out of my oven before too long.  I had perfect occasion to serve "The Black Beast" last night and it was a complete and total hit.  It's not very difficult to make, but time for all stages must be heeded -- baking, cooling, ganache-ing, refrigerating.  Also, I do not have a springform pan, but I do have a tart pan which I've substituted for a springform with great success on a number of occasions -- I get a little thrill and shivers when I push on the bottom and watch a cake emerge out the top.  Fabulous!



Oh, that cake looks so yummy! Love the allium too- my grandma had a few growing right outside her kitchen window. They always remind me of her. Thanks for sharing!


Your flowers are so pretty, and your cake has my mouth watering!!!!


I'm not much of a cake person but your photos are giving me a craving!


Oooo, that cake looks good!!!


Any cake that requires "ganache-ing" is one for my house!


That cake looks fabulous! Thanks for the recipe link. I think if I combine the cake part with a glaze recipe I have that is slightly less evil (but still insanely rich), I'll have the perfect flourless chocolate cake.


I hope you're sitting under the pergola (that's what you do, right, with a pergola? Sit UNDER it?) eating cake and doing NOTHING!


And me sitting here not having had my breakfast and being very hungry....might have to bake again!


That looks amazing! I'm drooling here.


Allium and chocolate cake, such a combination! But yummy just the same :-)


I hope you have some cake left, Vicki, because I’m on my way. ;-) (oh, how I wish!)


Are the ants hard at work opening up your peony blooms? Every year I carefully inspect my lone peony plant, waiting for the arrival of the ants. They showed up this week. Wooot!


Peonies are some of my favorites - I had a large bed of them when we lived in Virginia. I'm not sure they grow so well out here tho. Anxiously awaiting pics!


Lovely allium. Yum-ola (!) looking cake!! And it looks extra elegant on your china. I love the pattern.


Forget the flowers. That cake looks absolutely heavenly.


I am going to have peonies this year too!! A total accident (as I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to gardening).

It is my mission to make the black beast the new dish of choice amongst knitbloggers. Thank you for joining the crusade!


Mmmmmmmmm.... cake!!!


I am *so* glad you are posting flowers. I have had the most hellish week, but I wanted you to know I have been looking at yours and they cheer me up... :) Hopefully, I will get to see daylight and flowers next week.


I'm getting little shivers just looking at that cake!


Your flowers are gorgeous! Looks like you have a purple "sentinel" in the garden;) And now I must have some chocolate.


oh my. Yes, when I saw Nova's post, I printed out the recipe. And now when I see yours, I'm drooling. Why oh why do I have a wedding to attend in July? and need to drop about 7 lbs to feel better about that. erg. Will make bete noir in August!
(thanks for your comment on my 100 things. I think they're pretty silly, but I am pretty silly so I guess that's about right.)


I have been craving chocolate cake for weeks and it will be weeks more before I give in - 18 pounds to go.
Thanks for the mouthwatering picture. I'll be dreaming in chocolate tonight.


Oh Yay! I'm inspired for the weekend's baking :) Thanks for the pix and link.


Now *that* is a yummy-looking cake. The allium is lovely, too - those are some of my favorite flowers.

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