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Gone Fishin'

I have been spending a lot of time at the fabric store lately, considering that I've actually done very little sewing.  I was there again yesterday.  Mom needed to go.  I did need needles for my machine.

Dsc00511The red swatches have been put away for now.  I still haven't started with the Monkey business, but on the list of things to do today is winding yarn...

I've been wishing lately that I could hibernate -- or at least put the blinders on, tune out, and take some time to recharge.  I'm doing the next-best thing and heading up north for a few days.  I don't really plan to fish... though I could.  I plan to listen to the quiet.  Gaze at the water.  Watch the sky.  And knit.  Maybe sew.  And do some other crafty stuff.  And cook.  And take a walk everyday.

I must be prepared for all moods of fiber fancy that may strike, of course, so I'm winding up some Linen (for a Mason-Dixon towel that may be a gift), some Koigu (for Monkey -- can you believe I've never knit with Koigu?), packing some Mission Falls Cotton (can you say "Wee Wallaby"?), and also the colorful stealth knitting shown above (which might actually be finished prior to departure).

Y'all have a great week and I'll be back on Tuesday... or Wednesday... or maybe even Thursday.



Oh, have a wonderful trip, Vicki! We'll miss you! I'm delaying your package another few days, because there is something I HAVE to include!


Have a great, relaxing trip and have fun with your new projects.


Have Fun!


Have a great time away Vicki. Not just a wallaby but a wee wallaby? WeeEEEeee! I am quite a fan of the wallaby...and koigu. Enjoy the quiet and the calm!

kathy b

I am with you in spirit. I so need to go to the NOrthwoods. One more month for me.

But enough about me.....How do you like my knitting?

couldn't resist


I'm so envious of your trip up North. I've been feeling the same way but I have about three more weeks before I can drop out. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself enough so there's spill over to all the rest of us. *g*


It sounds like you will have a wonderful, restful time! Hope you come home recharged.


So envious of your getaway. I need one myself!


So envious of your getaway. I need one myself!


Enjoy. Funny thing about the fabric store...I have an itch to go back. I've even left the sewing machine up thinking that a cute flouncy skirt for Kate might be in order...
I too, have never knit with Koigu. Have some in the stash but san't seem to part with it!

pamela wynne

Have a wonderful time!! xo


Hope you're having a wonderful time! Can't wait to see that stealth knit!

lynne s of Oz

Hope you had a great break! Sounds like you need to get away from everything.


ooh a get away for knitting -- yea!! I just started some monkey socks in Koigu -- my first for that fiber as well.


I'm jealous - I want to go knit and listen to the quiet too. Have a wonderful vacation.

Melissa V.O.

Enjoy your time away, I envy your easy get-away to the north. This Michigander is wilting in the south and can hardly wait the 2 weeks until I'm back in Holland and on the shores of Lake Michigan. Hibernate away, unplugged and tuned-out!

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