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Iris Peony_bud

That's what's become of the iris bud I posted a little while back.  Does a watched peony bud bloom?

Peony_2 Peony_1

They're working on it.  I believe I'll have a total of five.  I'm picky about pink -- this one's a keeper.

Maddy takes her driver's road test this morning.  Fingers crossed!!

ETA:  She passed!!  She wants to borrow the car tonight!



They're beyond pretty. They're slipping into beautiful! Thanks for sharing them :)


gorgeous! I can't wait for mine to bloom!


Good luck Maddy!!


That pink IS a keeper. Good luck Maddy!


Good luck Maddy! Drive your mom over here when you pass!


Gorgeous peony! Congrats to Maddy. Good luck to you. ;-)


Kid driving, I can't even go there! Your peonies are lovely. I have some pink (I too am picky about the pinks, as you know) peonies growing, they have not blossomed yet. I have been watching them, perhaps I should ignore them for a while...


Congratulations to Maddy!

I do envy your peonys. We are cold enough here for them.


Mmm, love the irises and peonies! Those are two that will always remind me of my mom.

Congratulations to Maddie! Getting the driver's license is a very exciting and liberating thing. So did you let her have the car for the night?

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