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Dsc00404Maddy did indeed use the car last night!  She made a special mix CD to play for the occasion, too.  I don't recognize the names of most of the songs, but have heard them all.  I'm listening to "Thriller" right now (damn, he sure had it once, didn't he?), and I see that the affinity for "New Shoes" runs in the family.  ; )

In Wisconsin, the first nine months as a licensed driver is a probationary period and there are restrictions.  Maddy will only be able to drive alone between 5 a.m. and 12 a.m. unless it's to home, school or work; she can only have one* of her peers as a passenger; and if she has two or more moving violations, points lost are doubled.

*This is the one I can really get behind -- there are too many In Memoriam names in my high school yearbooks, most of them victims of car accidents, often multiple fatalities from one crash -- three, five at a time.  Can you imagine?  It's been 30+ years since those losses occurred and I still get choked up -- now, with the added perspective of a mother.

I have been grappling with my feelings about cleaning out the closet and what it means and my adult children and newly licensed driver child and their growing independence -- sometimes effervescent -- Katie's off to Madison today to meet the property manager and her future roommate to sign a rental agreement -- it's all good, but man, sometimes it makes my head spin.

Dsc00407 Dsc00405

The watched peonies are opening ever-so-slowly.  So worth the wait!  And both varieties of sugar snap peas are now sporting flowers.  That reminds me... I'm going to have to string up some supports for the beans soon.

Special_swap_1This weekend, during my breaks from reconstructing my Quicken files from the pitiful last backup in October, I'll be working on a couple of projects I have in mind for the "Special Swap" masterminded by Lynne.  This is my first time as a Special Swap participant and it couldn't be more fun.  The theme this time is "In The Garden" and my swap partner is Lynne, herself!  I'll admit that I was first very excited about that, then a little nervous (it's Lynne), but I'm back on track and having a blast bringing all my ideas and things together.

I also plan a trip to one or more hobby/craft/fabric/yarn emporiums for, among other things, the necessary bits and bobs to finish my Larger Than Life Bag!

Dsc00408 Dsc00411 Dsc00413

And there's been knitting!!  It's been hot here this past week -- too hot to knit -- and if it hasn't been hot, then it's been sticky and/or damp -- too sticky and/or damp to knit!!

What in the world is WITH me, though, that I haven't awakened in the middle of the night BECAUSE I was HOT ever since it GOT HOT?

I also was totally swept away by Craft in America a few nights ago -- what a great series -- and it was especially interesting to see Wisconsin artists, Dona Look and Ken Loeber, featured.

Anyway, a while back, I brought home some Berroco Ultra Silk and Rowan Summer Tweed to swatch for my Vintage 1959 Vogue #33-inspired project.  I started out with the Ultra Silk, trying to do the "pebble stitch" described in the pattern and a) I didn't get it and b) it seemed kind of fiddly.  I pulled out my Barbara G. Walker "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns" book (a wonderful find that DH bought at the library for no more than $1 one day after it had been "withdrawn" from said institution) and didn't find a "pebble stitch" listed, so paged through with my little sticky notes, flagging possibilites -- none of which resemble pebbles at all.

On the left is a "Vine Lace" swatch underway.  It's a very simple 9-stitch, 4-row repeat.  The two on the right are "Double Wing, Openwork Version" -- it's the same pattern used for Monkey (minus the last knit round/row), which is so funny because I've begun to sense that "monkey on my back," even printing out the pattern the other day, yet I haven't pulled out the sock needles (probably feeling guilty about the three -- at least -- WIP pairs of socks somewhere around here).

I need to finish, then block; knit something with the Summer Tweed and do the same; then consider the possibilites -- which may end up looking nothing like the original #33, but I guess that's where the "inspired by" part comes in.  I love working with the Ultra Silk -- it actually reminds me a lot of Rowan Calmer, but even softer and without Calmer's tendency to sometimes split.



A special CD for the first drive! How cool! In MA they can't have any other passengers under the age of 18 unless they are siblings. I'm kind of intimidated by the Special Swap, too.


Reading your posts is a little like visiting with you (not as good but it's what we've got, eh?);-)


Ooooh I like "Double Wing, Openwork Version". How lucky to find that book. And your husband bought it for you. He deserves bonus points.
My Granddaughter just got her license recently. I try not to think about it. It's not her I'm worried about, it's the other driver.
Your flowers are beautiful.


Were you unable to find the automatic backup I mentioned when you first mentioned the
Quicken problem? Or maybe I don't have it right.


Funny about Michael Jackson -- I sometimes mourn the loss of the good him. He's such a creep now that it somehow taints even listening to the good stuff and watching those really good few videos that he did. Who knew I even cared, but I picked up on that one line in your post. We are bizarre creatures, we women, are we not? Hee.


Just a short note from a benign lurker who surfs the net a lot. Found this site which might give you the pebbly texture you need.

That address should be all on one line.
Hope it helps.


congrats to Maddy! and I agree with Norma - I can't even listen to Michael Jackson now without being creeped out - I also can't watch Tom Cruise movies anymore either!


I agree with Margene, I feel like I was just sitting with you and chatting for a while. Thanks for the visit and catching up.


Once a parent, ALWAYS a parent. They get driver's licenses. Go away. Get jobs. Get friends you don't know. Get married, maybe. And they you hear about tragedies which befall their peers, or your friend's children, and you can't help but realize the fragility of the status quo, and the preciousness of what. is. now.

lynne s of Oz

Lovely flowers. So your weather has hotted right up this early? It is early isn't it?
I took forever to get my licence, but once I did you could hardly get me out of the car. LOL


Get outta here, Vicki...If I don't like your Special Swap Package, I just won't invite you back again! Really, though, I'm so glad I got you as my partner, because I've been reading your blog since I started blogging, and I feel like we really could also just sit down and chat a bit. Knit a bit, garden a bit, chat a bit.


Get outta here, Vicki...If I don't like your Special Swap Package, I just won't invite you back again! Really, though, I'm so glad I got you as my partner, because I've been reading your blog since I started blogging, and I feel like we really could also just sit down and chat a bit. Knit a bit, garden a bit, chat a bit.

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