I's Feeling near as Faded as my jeans



It was a very good day... definitely my kind of day.  ; )

For the most part, the crocheted chain provisional cast-on worked for the picot edge this time and I'm already into the heel flap for the second Fixie (Fixation + footie).  The last half-dozen stitches (the first to be set free once I started to yank the chain) must have been knit into a side loop rather than the back loop -- I had to pull the crochet yarn through to free those knit stitches -- after that, though, it was just as advertised.  I freed each stitch, one-by-one, and knit it together with one on the needle.  Very slick.

I used the directions in The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie M. Wiseman, but used a hook several sizes larger than my needle; I also found a wonderful online tutorial for many different cast-ons at Eunny's -- the one I used was the "Invisible Crochet Cast On II."



I like the one that you crochet onto a knitting needle best, because I can never figure out which loop to knit into, or which end to unzip otherwise.

MMMMmmmm Sun dried cottons.


So, no huge thunderstorms last night? We had GREAT big hail!

Teresa C

I love, love, love the crochet chain provisional cast on for my toe ups and for when I do a picot edge on a sock. Slick is a great word for it, very slick!


I tried the crocheted provisional cast on for the first time last night. I thought surely I must be stupid. I ripped out the toe this morning, I am going to use the Wiseman book and check out Eunny's tutorial, thanks for the link!


i love your washline pics!!


Oh, Vicki, I think Bloglines has been ignoring you....either that or I've just been too busy to notice you'd updated. It's possible. I love your clothesline. :)


I always love the pictures of the cotton nightgowns on the clothes line...reminds me of when I was little and my mother hanging out the laundry :-)


Your photo looks like the home-y essence of summer to me. I'll have to give the crochet cast-on a try, it sounds like a winner.

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