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I mean... SURPRISE!  My sister's been pregnant now for, well, about 8 months.  That means that in another month, there will be a baby -- and that, my friends, is no surprise.  That's the way it works.

What is surprising is that I haven't knit a darn thing for the new baby.  I guess I've been figuring that there's plenty of Mack's hand-me-downs available -- booties and socks, hats and sweaters -- and I've been resting on the laurels of my previous baby knitting.  Now, all of a sudden, I'm in baby knitting panic mode.  The new baby simply must have something (or two) new, all his or her own.

On the left, Saartje's Bootees -- New (Red) Shoes -- started on Thursday night with some Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere from a project frogged a while back.  Teensy tiny and very red.  I love my new red shoes, so why not new baby shoes -- "stepping out" into life with style and a little (just a little) splash!

On the right, Araucania Yarns Magallanes.  I have a Baby Surprise Jacket in mind for this -- I hope it works.  I've never knit one before, I've seen some stunners recently, and I have a good reason -- Trifecta!

Oh!  That reminds me!  I accompanied Katie to a tattoo place today -- she wanted to discuss a project she's been working on (and will have a full consult on Monday), and I wanted to browse some designs.  I've been looking on the 'net, mulling over ideas, taking suggestions, but not really finding "it."  Today, I think I found the basis for a "tri" design -- Celtic in nature, but not "too."  It's a very simple design that will not only symbolize my three daughters, but also have room for some personalization by them.  I haven't quite figured that part out yet -- I want something of them, by them, for them -- something that is them -- interlocked with each other, with me, yet separate and unique, and (as we know) individual.  Yeah, still taking suggestions.



I'm sure whatever you make for the baby will be lovely. :) I can't wait to see the tattoo you come up the symbolism. :)


Aren't those booties just adorable? I made one for my daughter, but her feet were too big. Are you going to knit any pants? I'm on a mission to make sure every baby has knitted pants, because they're so adorable.


magallanes should work and be quite cute. love the tat ideas.


must make booties......(my sister is expecting in October - hopefully I can get them done)

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