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Food, glorious food

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I made dinner last night and I did good.  Mmmm, tilapia -- "Josh's Fish In A Flash" from Dinner Helpers.  I'll tell you, the best thing about Dinner Helpers is that I try new things -- new foods and new dishes, or at least dishes that I never thought I could make.  I actually made Pad Thai a couple of weeks ago -- and it was good!  I usually hesitate buying different types of fish, because I'm a little particular about it -- but now I know, I love tilapia.  I made potatoes and green beans, too, but the mozzarella and tomato salad (with a little salt and pepper, some fresh basil, and a drizzle of olive oil) along with a little bit of bread was plenty.

Huh?  Knitting?  I tore out what I'd started on the second Celtic Braid Sock and started anew on Friday.  I didn't get a whole bunch of knitting time over the weekend (Mack was here!), but I'm several repeats in and it's going well.  I'm starting to get anxious about a new, finished pair of socks!

It's a weird week work-wise, and I'm going to have to let things stand at that for now.



I am not going to visit your blog before lunch any more. I am starving and you are not helping;)


Sounds super yummy! :)


Sounds delicious! We don't have Dinner Helpers but we do have a Dinner Made Easy place near us. I'm thinking of going there before our vacation so that I have all our vacation dinners ready to go.


Tilapia's my fave fish! Sounds yummy!


Tag you are it... come and check it out...


Kudos on the tray you made for Lynne - it's gorgeous and so thoughtful!!

Vicki Forman

Yum!!! Truly yummy.


Talapia is a great mild fish...I love to grill it. The tomato mozzerella salad says summer to pretty!

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