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In the pink and a reminder to hug your librarian

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QueenMy purple coneflowers are less than vigorous (I think they could use more sun), but the colors are still stupendous.  I've never knit a Fair Isle sweater, but I can see where inspiration comes from, can't you?  Oh, wouldn't it be fabulous?  What a color combo!  You can click on all the pics to "make big," of course, and the hydrangea has a special, long-legged surprise.

I looked out the window to the back garden on Wednesday and saw a small, frothy bunch of pink flowers that I've never seen before.  I thought:  No!  Is it...?  Could it...?  Dare I think it...??  Is my Queen-of-the-Prairie finally in bloom???  IT IS!!!  I don't know how many years ago I planted this thing -- I'm sure Maddy was still in grade school.  It was planning on the tall side of three to six feet tall, making this a highlight and centerpiece of the garden.  The flower atop that tall stalk that reminded me of a pumped-up astilbe.  Well, the thing's never grown much taller than my waist and isn't even that tall this year, but there's finally a flower!  It's more like Princess-of-the-Prairie size, but princesses often grow up to be queens, do they not?  First the peonies flower for the first time this year and now this -- I don't even tend much to the gardens these days, and look how I'm rewarded!

I had an email from my library this morning, in response to my April inquiry about borrowing Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Workshop" DVD through the state-wide interlibrary loan system.  One of the librarians wrote that she'd just received this notice: "...because of its popularity these owning libraries will not circulate it outside their systems. I ordered a copy for our library this morning so when it comes in and gets processed you will be the first to check it out."  Emphasis is mine... ALL MINE!  I really do feel like hugging her, but that would be kind of weird, so I did the next best thing.  I wrote back, thanking her profusely, telling her that she made my day, and admitting that, while I often say it to other people, I don't often say it to the people that matter:  I love my library!  (She wrote back and said that I made her day, too, and so, really, we're just having a library love-fest over here to kick off the weekend.  What goes around, comes around and all that.)

Have a great weekend.



Several of our librarians are knitters so they are great at helping me find books I need. Our library loan system is so great, I can't think of any books I haven't been able to find. Waiting my turn, though, that's the hard part.


Librarians ARE the best. :-)


hurray! i'm so glad your public librarian went out of her way to order something special for you. libraries and librarians are the best, even if i am one myself...


Last night I had a nightmare that I was taking my kid to the library and they wouldn't let me in because I'm persona non grata. I took out an Alice Starmore and didn't return it for a long time. The director used to send me these letters telling me how disappointed she was in me, with my MLS and all. ;-)


Sweet! You got them into our library system!! The selection in knitting materials available to us has really grown in the last few years, probably mostly in thanks to proactive folks like you.


Well, the only librarian I know is Carole, so, let's get her on a plane, fly her to Madison, meet up with her there, give her some hugs, and then have a great big knitter's meet up. K?


I think it is so cool when a library will buy a book for one of it's patrons. My MIL's library does that all the time for her. Up here in the boonies....well....let's just say that even the interlibrary loan system takes forever to get a book for you.

My coneflowers never seem to do very well either :(


A fabulous garden! It blends nicely with sidebars and banner on your blog! I knit with about 8 librarians, I'm sure yours is grateful for the kind feedback. Happy weekend!


There is nothing like a good library, which, of course, is largely a result of good librarians. My family often will visit different libraries during the summer when we're visiting family. You can also teel so much about a town from it library. Unfortunately, our library "says" that we live in a town that doesn't value reading anything of substance:(


Yay for great librarians and great patrons!

Is it weird that the first photo (not the big one that opens in a separate window) of the Queen of the Prairies makes me think of wooden match heads?


That's so exciting about your Queen of the Prairies blooming! They really are so lovely! :)


As a librarian, I am thrilled to see the positive comments about libraries. Librarians are always interested in what the patron wants. I too have been enjoying the growth in knitting and fiber materials at my local library.

Your cone flowers are beautiful.

kathy b

Oh library love it soooo good. There must be a special gene for librarians don't you think? My dishrag swapper, Jill, is a librarian. aren't i lucky? She would be in our going the dishtance group. THe only jill!


I am in awe of your Queen of the Prairie! Very cool! Long live the Queen!

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