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It's thyme for a Baby Surprise!

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The buttons are reflecting the light but trust me, they're perfect!

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket in Araucania Magallanes.  Started Saturday, July 14th.  Finished Thursday, July 19th.  One of the most fun, quick, and enjoyable things I've ever knit.

I grabbed some Lamb's Pride Brown Sheep Worsted in a nice, grassy green to sew up the sleeve seams and was really taken with how it coordinated with the Magallanes.  I decided that there was a little bit of a gap in the front of the sweater that I could easily remedy with a short, solid-color buttonband.  I picked up stitches to a spot in the pattern that I'd have to think real hard about how to describe -- maybe you can see it, where it turns a little corner there -- it's a spot that looked good, probably 2/3 or 3/4 the total length of the front, and made four buttonholes.  I decided, then, that it also needed a little bit of contrast at the collar, but I drew the line at cuffs.

As one of my sisters might say: "I like the solid color band because it gives the eye a place to rest."  Honestly.  I've heard her express that exact thing.  She knit a sweater for me once with lots of fruit motifs and she omitted a bunch of cherries on one of the sleeves for this reason.  The eye needed a place to rest.

At any rate, I couldn't be more thrilled with this quick, enchanting, little sweater.



Great little sweater :)


It's adorable! I have plans to make two for a set of family twins due in November.


Really pretty colors.


Precious! My eyes could rest there for quite a while!




What gorgeous greens! Thanks for the eye candy. :)


What a sweet green sweater! Lovely baby wear and a quick knit at that!


So adorable and such a lovely color-way! :)


Adorable. And you are so darn productive these days!


I love it!!! And now I'll always remember to make a place for the eyes to rest! Your sis sounds like a smart girl! Your BSJ is just adorable!


That turned out fabulous! I just love the color. It's on my list to make, I'm looking for just the right yarn.




It is just the sweetest, greenest, tiny bit of perfection. I love it! And those buttons are just right (they also provide a place for the eyes to rest, no?).

Vicki Forman

Lovely, just lovely!


I LOVE it -- I have wanted to make one of those -- so cute!


Excellent decisions on the solid green bands -- what an adorable little sweater!


Gorgeous work Vicki!


Awesome sweater! I love the greeniness.


Love your sister's philosophy. She must be a true fiber artiste!

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