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May as well be random

It sure feels like Monday!  I had last Monday off, and again this Monday, and with the holiday smack-dab in the middle of the week... it'll be a while before things feel "normal" around here.

*KNOCKING ON WOOD* and *REPHRASING THE EXPLETIVES*  I think it was a false alarm with the washing machine, a little hiccup while spinning.  I will be monitoring operations very closely, but I won't say/demand/threaten anything more for fear of The Jinx.

I turned the heel on my Celtic Braid Sock (scroll down a bit) while watching the Boston Pops!  When I was in fifth grade, back in the day of Arthur Fiedler, my whole class listened to the Boston Pops every Friday afternoon.  My teacher was a huge fan!  We could read or write, even put our heads down on the desk and take a little nap -- any quiet activity, so as not to interfere with Arthur's good work.  I suppose she was doing her best to enlighten us, force a little cultcha on us.  It definitely created my soft spot for the Pops -- obviously, I think of Friday afternoons in fifth grade and that teacher every single time, and I didn't even like her very much.

4 more films I can watch again and again
- The Wizard of Oz
- Showboat
- To Kill A Mockingbird
- North by Northwest

The other day, when I was cleaning in the upstairs kitchen, I ran across a newspaper clipping about my brother's accident that Alison must have clipped -- the date written at the bottom was in her handwriting.  There was a picture of Michael's completely smushed up car with rescue workers standing around and the headline stated that he was still in critical condition.  That was 16 months ago.  Mike and his wife met us at the local farmers' market last Saturday and as I watched him walk toward me, I remember thinking, "He sure walks funny."  The operative words, of course, are "he" and "walks."  He walks, he talks, he thinks, he drives, he plays guitar, he lives and breathes.  Emergency brain surgery, back surgery, five weeks in the hospital (most of them in ICU), many more weeks in a body brace, more weeks after that recuperating and in therapy.  He will never be the same (he's at least an inch or two shorter -- and he walks funny), will never be pain-free, but he is.

It was a day-to-day fnancial struggle for a while.  The bills still keep coming, even when you're on life support!  Disability insurance helped a little, and Michael used up a TON of vacation time (that goodness he had a bunch saved up), but his wife took family leave from work -- unpaid, of course -- and it took a while to get back to "normal."

Gse_multipart5137I bring this up because of Annie Modesitt and what her family is dealing with right now -- because it's not just Right Now -- it was a couple of weeks ago, and today, and tomorrow, and next week...  It is not breaking news, you've seen it all 'round blogland and read about it before, as have I, and perhaps you've already donated -- maybe more than once -- but it bears repeating.



Ah yes, I remember the Boston Pops afternoons, too! 16, Vicki! WOW! It's so wonderful to hear about Michael...just wonderful.

Mary in Boston

Hey!!! I was watching the Pops on tv too, last night. I went into Boston once for the 4th, and that was enough. It's much more relaxing watching from home. With a glass of wine in one hand!

I've got my fingers crossed about the washing machine.


Life is so precious...glad Michael is doing so well after all that trauma. :)

Teresa C

We should definitely plan a movie weekend! Well, I'm not a Godfather fan, but the rest? I'm so there. I also love Pride and Prejudice and really any of the Alfred Hitchcock movies.

I was sock knitting right with you last night. Most of my family went into Cambridge to see the fireworks, which we do annually, but the thought of cold and rain kept me home with the sock. I was a little bummed when the baton went up for the 1812 Overture and I was home. But then again, I was DRY.

Such good news about Michael, I often wonder how he is doing. So much to be thankful for.


i did those Celtic Braid socks about.... a year-ish or less ago. LOVED the cabling on it. very fun!

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