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Saturday Sky


P.M. version.  This was our view from the cabin and deck on Mud Hen Lake where we stayed over on Saturday night.  Looks wonderful, doesn't it?  And it was.  It was also HOT HOT HOT!  I enjoyed this same view, along with a slight breeze, on Sunday morning as I finished off the Celtic Braid Socks!

DH and I made a whirlwind weekend trip to far NW Wisconsin for a party -- part celebration of his aunt and uncle's 60th wedding anniversary, part family reunion.  I'd been on the fence about it for weeks -- right up until Friday evening, but his northwoods relatives won me over years ago with their warmth and generosity.  Plus, the deal was sweetened with the promise of fiber stops along the way.  More on that tomorrow!



What a beautiful sunset. It's great to get away, even if it's only for an overnight.


Wow! You win! : handing you "Best Saturday Sky" trophy :

Andrea (noricum)



Lovely sunset photo with the lake. That view and fiber shop stops?! Winning weekend all around, I'd say.


Remember, next time you are in n.w. WI we have a date to sit on the deck and knit. Lovely sky!


Oooooooooh. So pretty....

kathy b

Im heading up to that little piece of heaven soon. Can't wait for you yarn shop stops list tomorrow.

Beth S.

BEAUTIFUL photo! Wow!


Incredible view, Vicki! It has been a long time since I have visited your blog...think I must have lost your address admist blog redesigning/changing or something. Glad to see you on Ravelry!


vicki that picture is breathtaking!
love those socks too!

Ann K.

I love this picture. It totally reminds me of many many great memories of weekend getaways in WI. :)


what a gorgeous photo. i love wisconsin and all the lakes. my in-laws live there and i just love reading your blog and longing to be there. you guys have the most beautifully lush summers (not so much here in austin, tx).

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