Flowers (and Foliage) on Friday
Saturday Sky

Sock it to me

July7 Dsc07780

On the left, this morning's Saturday Sky from the back porch.  On the right, a (possibly Saturday) sky from about a year ago -- probably on our way up to the lake or to my sister's.  I'm up early on this Saturday to prepare for a quick weekend road trip.  Can't leave without feeding the blog, though.  It's predicted to be 95 or so on Sunday, but only the high 70s on Monday, so I imagine there will be some drama in the sky between the two -- maybe like that!  Yay.

Happy weekend!  I ought to have a finished pair of socks at the end -- yeah, wool socks -- on one of the hottest days of the year.



Have a great trip!


Have fun on your roadtrip! Yeah, I'm going to be around for the !hot! but, of course, am leaving town for a week just when it cools off and becomes nice again. But the weather will be comparable in Toronto so I may get to enjoy it after all. If the sky does something cool, I'll enjoy seeing your pics of it!


Have fun and stay cool, baybeeee.


70! OMG 70 even 80 would be heaven. Hope you had a very good time!


I'll take a 70! Socks are the best thing to knit or a blanket square :)

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