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At Tuesday's Knit Night, I suffered an injury -- took one for the team, you might say.  I bent over to pick up a fallen DPN, having begun my cast-on for a Wonderful Wallaby sleeve, then twisted to pick up someone's purse that I'd knocked over, and I felt the snap, crackle, pop of several back muscles giving way.

I think I'm still going up north.  DH said that he thought I should go, "...otherwise, you'll just want to do laundry or something."

Oddly enough, with the built-in lumbar support, my car is one of the most comfortable places to be.  I'll pack my knitting, ibuprofen and coldpack, will stop for food (and yarn), and I'll probably be back on Saturday or Sunday!



Take care of your back! Have fun and take lots of drugs;-)


Oooowwwie - take good care of yourself. keep taking the ibuprofen even if it doesn't hurt! Don't let it get ahead of you!


Medic Ice works really well!


I know this pain all too well. Hope the R&R does the trick.


Oh no, Vicki! Definitely R&R needed.


Oww! Sorry about the back, lots of ice and ibuprofen will help. Have a great time!


Ah Vick! Rusty's probably right. Go and try to have fun.

It was great to talk to you this morning - sorry I had to hang up. The Doer needed his due. ;-)


Oh, I certainly hope it wasn't my 1,000 lb backpack you were moving!

Hope you feel better soon! Get lots of rest.


Yikes. A noble injury! I agree with the staying with the drugs. Looks at lots of knitting...that always makes me feel better. Enjoy your trip!


Hi Vickie,
Hope you are feeling better really soon. If you do get to go up to Bayfield, John said to be sure to go to the Rittenhouse for dinner. It's a little pricey, but it is wonderful!!!!


Ouch! I hate the twist and bend pain. I hope you get well soon! Best wishes for pain-free travel. This would be a great time for those seat warmers in the front seat to add to that lumbar support.


OOOOOOOoowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I hope you are all better soon!


I'm sorry you're feeling badly. I just hate that. I hope you're well and can relax and enjoy yourself.


I hope your trip is just the thing you need to make your back feel better


As painful and annoying and debilitating as a back injury can be, let us all rejoice that you didn't, say, break a finger or wrist, or suffer some knitting-preventing injury. :-)

Remember, ice for the first 24 hours, then gentle heat. Ibuprofen. Wine as needed. Massage, maybe? Take care, and I hope you are all better by Monday.


Stinkin' back!!! Oh well, it will hurt just as much as home as on a little vacation. Ibuprofen...mega doses. Hope you feel better soon, Vick!

kathy b

What? You will go up North. It will fix you for sure. Go go go!


Soryy to hear that, but glad you decided to go anyway:)


Hope you are feeling better and can stand up straight like Grampa used to in his prime!!:)
Did you ever find out the name of that rather ugly bug you pictured in your previous post??
Love to know, my curiosity is bubbling over!


Hope you are feeling better...I know this is a little late but I will include you in my weekly healing session tonight and send you good energy. :)


Oh my gosh! I'm just now catching up with you. So sorry about your back. On that exact same day, I threw mine out doing a super easy frog leap during boot camp. Honestly, it wasn't anything I hadn't done tons of times, already. First time in my life to throw my back out and hopefully the last. It's the PITS!

Hopefully, as I catch up, I'll find out you're much better and enjoyed your trip.

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