It's thyme for a Baby Surprise!

This little piggy goes to market

Dsc00844 Dsc00840

...or to the beach.

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Plymouth Yarns Fantasy Naturale Market Bag (free pattern).  I used nearly all of two hanks of "Fantasy Naturale," a mercerized cotton; a pair of 10-1/2 US straights and a 15US circular; and I think it took about a week to knit (with breaks).  I made one mistake in the pattern toward the top, but it isn't obvious, doesn't affect the function or compromise the strength of the bag, and no one would ever notice -- so "design feature" it is, making the bag my own.  ; )

Dsc00841It is shown, at top, holding three BIG boxes of cereal with room for more -- perhaps a fourth box of cereal and a loaf of bread on top.  There are four towels in the bag at lower left, with PLENTY of room for more towels, sunscreen, lotion, a book.  One of the things I like best about the bag is the garter stitch square that forms a solid bottom.  Any dishcloth cotton would make an excellent, very affordable substitution.  Great pattern.



Wow! I really love it. Maybe if I knit it I wouldn't forget and leave it in the car like I do the other reusable bags.


very cute! perhaps that should go on the list to do...


It's really awesome, Vicki. Great job!


I love it! It looks great!

Jen S

I love your bag!

Do you think you could sub any cotton yarn or do you think it should be mercerized? I have some cotton blend and some 100% cotton that I need to use up.


Through a mix-up I've been left with a TON of mercerized cotton...I'll definitely be making this bag if for no other reason than to just use up some of this useless-to-me stash!


So cute and looks functional too. Now I've downloaded the pattern and added to the queue.

Cheesehead with sticks

Wow - it looks fabulous! I wish I coulda been at knit night to see it last night. I've downloaded the pattern to put in my stack of things I want to knit. Thanks for sharing.


Sa - Weet bag Vicki!


That looks great! I could one for the farmer's market. Hmmmmmmmmm.....


The market bag looks super, Vicki. The blue color is nice, too.


What a delish bag! I just love the baby blue color! I so have to make this! :)


Wow, beautiful and so functional! must make one.


lovely and so practical!


Hey! Thanks for pointing to that fantastic bag pattern,checked it out and now is the list!!! Love the colour!


Wow, looks great, wonder how many yards/meters it took??? I definitely have that bag in my future and soon!! Enough of this plastic bag mentality!!! thanks for the heads up on the pattern. ss


I love a utilitarian knit! And it's pretty too!


Ya know, I crocheted something like this many years ago, but this might be better because the bottom is more stable with the solid square and it seems to open up bigger. This is pretty cool. ANd who couldn't use another bag, hmmm?


Oh, that's pretty neat - quite useful and very eco-friendly. I hate those plastic bags from the Jewel, but they do get recycled in the city - (poop picker-uppers, you know)


What a great bag! Now I am in a dilemma -- continue to knit bibs to sell at the fair next week or try to make a couple-three bags? FSM knows I have enough dishcloth cotton :)


I love it!


I have this one waiting in wings. Yours is great! It's always nice to know how good they are in "real" action.


LOVE that bag! Hmmmm....maybe that would make a good picnic bag. I'm going over to the Plymouth site now.

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