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Weekend update

WallabyThat's a Wonderful Wee Willie Wallaby soaking up the dappled-through-the-pergola sun yesterday afternoon.  I am using two colors, a sage green (same yarn as Shirley Shrugs) and a kind of maize-y gold, and striping in a Fibonacci sequence, except not exactly because I just noticed where I made a few sequence mistakes.  I liked these colors together better when they were in the ball, not so much in progress.  I think I'll like it better when it's all finished.

I picked up and knit the stitches for the pouch last night, except I reversed the colors -- the stripes that are green on the sweater are gold on the pouch -- and the jury's still out on that move.  My next task is weaving in the ends on the pouch -- it was easier to cut and reattach yarn than try to carry it along the edge and if I had to do it over again, I'd probably do it all a little differently, except for reversing the stripes because I really do like that idea.  Actually, I'm going to take one more look at it and don't be surprised if I rip it back for a do-over and it's at exactly this point at this time tomorrow.  A little deja vu warning...

Blue_potato Blue_potatoes

Last night's menu:  bison burgers, steamed baby carrots (real ones, not those whittled-down pretenders), smashed blue potatoes, ensalade caprese (thanks for telling me the name, Carol!), and pretty much everything 'cept the ketchup was "local" and purchased at the farmers' market.  Those potatoes are trippy, no?  That's not the half of it -- the water they were cooked in was green at the end.  I was so excited about the smashing (they really are blue!) that I forgot to add a little milk and so there were a tiny bit dry.  Oooh, but they tasted so good!  That tiny little dollop of butter was all I added and, just as the farmer said, they had a buttery taste all their own!



Such pretty potatoes! Almost too pretty to eat. But I would have managed. :-)


Oooo, yum!! Blue potatoes are heaven! The little sweater looks darling!


Silly me - I thought that the blue stuff was dessert!! I guess you just can't take the city out of this girl. Do they taste like "regular" potatoes?


I am drooling! Blue potatoes! How cool! You have really good local eating there. Funny I was just looking over the Wonderful Wallaby pattern yesterday and thinking what a nice job they did on that including all the sizes and options. The stripes look good! I guess one good thing about the Fibonacci system is it's difficult if not impossible to notice an error! Blue potatoes...


Nice sweater! The colors look nice together.

Blue Potatos! This was a first for me--I had no idea there was such a thing! I will have to look around now to taste them for myself:) At first I thought this was Gelato or some kind of desert:)



I made a Wallaby for each of my 4 kids! I love that little sweater and will make one for me someday! I really like your Finonacci version (and your blue potatoes!)


I just talked to a woman at the Friends of the Library work night tonight who is knitting a Wallaby for a grandchild. Said grandchild wants a superhero on the sweater. I helped her find a Superman logo image on the web and showed her how to find printable knitting graph paper to make the image into a knittable pattern. If I can I will get a photo of the finished Wallaby.


What a colorful meal...I'm getting hungry here. LOL Your wallaby is looking really lovely. My Dad had a pet wallaby when he was stationed in Australia in WWII. He always said they were really sweet. :)

Sister Sticks

Fabulous potatoes, and fabulous blog. Both inspiring.


cool taters - for a minute there I thought it was blueberry ice cream.

now I want ice cream!


I gotta find me some blue potatoes. What fun!

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